A Review Of The Bookmaker

The bookmaker Efbet begins its activity 29 years ago. Players from many countries have fun with the opportunities offered by Efbet. 13 years ago, the bookmaker created its online platform, developed by a great team of professionalists, in order to better represent its gambling activity.

Already for three decades the bookmaker has heaped its professional experience and is constantly building upon its gambling activity, offered to players from almost all parts of Europe. 

The bookmaker’s customers prefer to bet online in the website, because of the great selection of different opportunities for betting and the attractive odds. The bookmaker’s favor of Efbet was licensed for the Bulgarian market in 2013. Here we can draw attention to the fact that the gambling activity of the bookmaker is wanted by players in almost every European country.

Efbet is the first bookmaker licensed for Bulgaria. The website was translated in Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek and Romanian. It is one of the leading bookmakers, offering some of the best odds as well as different live bets, virtual soccer, horse racing, various methods for deposits and payments, bonuses, and plenty of other top quality features. нуси и много други екстри.  

Nowadays, the biggest part of the keen players prefer online bets, and this is not a coincidence since there are much more sports events and the players have got the chance to bet on almost all kinds of live sports. They can also bet in an online casino with its various games.

How to Register in Efbet?

An easy way for registration with a few steps.

- Step one: Come on Efbet's website from here
- Step two: Upwards in the right corner there is a button „Registration“
- Step three: After you click on the button named “register” you will open a window with a few fields for entering your personal data.
- Step four: So that you may eventually receive information about bonuses, as well as withdraw money from your account you need to fill in your real data.

Activation of your account!
Open your e-mail so that you may confirm your registration by clicking on the received from Efbet link:

An easy way to verify your account 
During the first withdrawal of money, Efbet will ask you to send a copy of your Passport, Driver's License or another valid document. The bookmaker may also ask for a second proof, such as a copy of a payment document, but this happens rarely. 

Efbet Бонуси

All available bonuses of Efbet

All the new users have the chance to receive the bonus up to 100 levs. In order to receive the bonus, you have to deposit your sum, after registration on the website. For the amount of the bonus the only thing that matters is your first deposit.

For instance: In order to take 80 euro from the bonus, you have to deposit the same sum of 80 euro. Then you have to roll the size of the deposit plus the bonus 3 times, which makes for 480 euro. In order to receive 100% of the bonus, you have to deposit a sum which is not bigger than the size of the bonus which is 210 euro.

Conditions for the bonus
- This bonus is valid only for newly registered users.
- What matters is the sum of the first deposit after registration.
- If you want to take 100% of the bonus, you have to deposit 110 levs so that you may cover the maximum size of the bonus.
- The minimal size of the bonus is 5 euro.
- The odds of every bet should not be less than 1,50.

An example: In order to receive100 euro from the bonus, you have to deposit the same amount of 100 euro, which you have to roll 3 times – that means 100 euro deposit plus 100 euro from the bonus equals 200 euro. You roll this amount three times and it becomes 600 euro.

What is Bonus Replay?
It's the bonus offer, based on the monthly analysis of the individual game for every customer. In order to get such a bonus, you have to be a customer loyal to the bookmaker. The company of Efbet suggests different attractive offers. In the invitations are declared the terms and sizes of this kind of bonus, which are sent to e-mail, a profile message and an SMS on the phone.  Therefore it is necessary that the customers give their data accurately and frankly.

Who will receive Bonus Replay?
An invitation for this kind of bonus is sent to the loyal players. Every day, month and week, the loyal players receive offers at the filled in data for communication such as email or a phone number.

How to receive the bonus Recharge?
After you have been invited for the bonus offer, you will have to deposit a certain sum in your account and the bonus will be added in a few minutes. If your bonus is delayed – contact an Efbet operator, via the live chat or the e-mail: [email protected] After your bonus is activated you may enjoy the game.

What exactly is MatchPlay Casino Bonus?
For the casino bonus, it is not necessary to be a loyal customer to receive if from the bookmaker Efbet. In the invitation, you have received there is detailed information about the terms and size of the sum for Casino Bonus MatchPlay. This kind of cash Bonus doubles the deposit you have made. After you receive this kind of Bonus, you also have to deposit a chosen from you sum, so that you may take advantage of it.
The Efbet bookmaker constantly stimulates its loyal players with attractive offers.

What is Bonus “Event”?
One of the offers of the Efbet bookmaker is to be present at an event organized by the bookmaker. Since Efbet is a sponsor of many sports events organized in Bulgaria, many of the people who have been present to the events can receive the bonus "Event..

 The bonus you are eligible for is 20 levs or 50 levs.
If you have been present to an event sponsored by Efbet you may be eligible for a bonus. After the sum is loaded in your account you should make a deposit with odds equal or higher than 1.50, and maximum odds 5.00. You may win a maximum 5 times the bonus loaded in your account. If the bonus is 20 levs – the size of the maximal prize will be 100 levs. The win at 50 levs bonus is a maximum of 250 levs. If you bet on odds bigger than 5.00 and win more than the maximal sum, the difference will be removed from your customer's account. The sum of the bonus and the sum of the deposit should be rolled three times.

VIP Customers
The most active and loyal players are privileged to receive the most attractive bonuses – they become VIP customers.

Besides the gamers receive individual VIP bonuses:
- The newest casino Bonus offers;
- Attractive bonuses in online sports bets
- Plenty of more offers for VIP Customers

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Live Betting at Efbet

The bookmaker Efbet offers you many attractive opportunities for betting. These are the “Live Bets.” This type of bets is characterized by the fact that the players can bet during the event, which is broadcasted live. Efbet has got some of the greatest odds especially for the most wanted sport, which is Soccer. After you press the “Live” button, you will open all the games that are played live at the moment. On the left side, there are matches. When you choose an event it is shown in the middle of the screen. The most attractive thing about that is that while the even is going on you can bet on a chosen position and with a few clicks you will have a valid bet.

The most popular events on page “Multibet”

With its page “Multibet” the bookmaker aims to structure the most popular events which will take place. Here you can see the most commercial markets. The events are structured in such a way to make it easy for the players. You can see the odds of the events – over/under 2.5 goals, first half-time/end result, etc. With “Multibet” you may save the time to look up different championships to find the desired event. Here in this new page of Efbet are the most attractive events, all the rest you may find in the separate championships.

Play with real croupiers in Online Casino

The online casino gives you the chance to bet on your PC, without the need to be physically present in a real casino. That’s not all – in the online casino, you get the chance to play with real croupiers Roulette, Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Baccarat and other fun games. You only have to choose which table you will bet.

Efbet Casino

You have a choice between small and big limitations of the bet, which makes everything even more real. The online casino also offers its players other different ways for betting such as Bingo, Video Poker, Slot games, and many other opportunities.

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Play Virtual Soccer

The virtual soccer, offered by Efbet, is quite different from the normal soccer events, which last 90 minutes and are played by real, biological people. The matches of the virtual soccer last no more than 3 minutes, which are separated in 2 halftimes lasting one minute and a half. The virtual soccer is available to the players during the entire day, the bettings are the same as with normal soccer events. The other thing that attracts players are the high odds. Here you can bet on Exact Result, Over/Under, Handicap, End Result and you have other interesting opportunities for betting.

Play Virtual Tennis

Efbet gives you virtual tennis matches, which last 3 minutes and a half. During those three minutes, only separate moments of the match are broadcasted. Here you can bet on Set, Game and end result. There is also an opportunity for betting of Exact Result, Odds/Evens and others. Those tournaments are the same as the real matches and the way of betting is almost the same. For these tennis events, the odds are really high.

Virtual EURO Cup

Here the bookmaker has added a new virtual game under the form of EURO Cup Championship. As with the real soccer events, here you may bet on teams chosen from you in the different groups. The ways of betting are almost the same as in the real soccer matches. You may bet on: Half-times, End Result, Double Chance, Asian Handicap, as well as the number of goals. The virtual championship Efbet offers you high odds, which gives the opportunity for the players to bet on different teams, which are not well classed because a lot of surprises happen. Have fun

Virtual Basketball

The virtual basketball events attract a lot of players, who are entertained by this kind of game. Since the computer generates the events on a random principle and many of the matches end with a win for the weaker team. The good thing about virtual basketball is that there are often surprises and you may win big. The players may bet on the end result, half-times, over/under as well as on fourth.

 Virtual Horse Racing

With this type of sport, the bookmaker gives you the opportunity to bet on horse racings. You have a really short time to know the trace, information about every horse such as shape, state, and others. The entire competition lasts for about a minute and 10 seconds. Before that, you have about 30 seconds to place your bet after you have chosen the odds for your favorite horse. In this game, very often it occurs the outsiders to finish first, therefore good prizes may be won.

Virtual Hound Racings

One of the new attractions of the bookmaker Efbet is the hound-racings. This sport gives you the chance for plenty of bets. You may bet before the start as well as during the event. Also, you have the time to preview the given statistics and information for the condition of the hounds. You have 30 seconds time to bet and the race is a minute and 10 seconds. As with all virtual sports – it often happens that the outsider defeats the minions.

Mobile Version of Efbet

For the facilitation of the customers, the bookmaker launched a mobile version, which is easily accessible for betters. The system of the bookmaker is set to automatically corner what device you are using and it is responsive to it. Efbet have thought about a mobile application, with which you can bet online. The application facilitates the work of the customers, since instead of loading the website, you may open the app you have downloaded on your phone.

Efbet Mobile App

The systems it works with are iOS and Android. The improvement Efbet made in 2018 gives a lot more opportunities for easier manipulation of bets with the new mobile version and the new mobile application. Since users with mobile devices have grown incredibly, it is normal that the bookmaker should present its customers with better comfort and mobile entertainment.

 Mobile Application of Efbet
The mobile application is preferable because the installation on a mobile device or tablet with an operating system Android or iOs is rather easy and intuitive. With this application, the work of customers will become very easy and cozy.

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