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Roobet Casino games - Review

Roobet is one different betting platform, which was soon released, but for the short period of time it was available, it gathered a lot of loyal players. But how is the platform different? First, and most important – it is more of a cryptocurrency website. Second, it does not offer a lot of gaming opportunities, but offers only super quality ones that will provide each player remarkable experience.

 Roobet Casino Security

Roobet casino was founded in 2018 by the owner – Raw Entertainment B.V. It obtained license by Curacao, and it is functioning mostly with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The website is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and it does not allow anonymous gambling.

Roobet is a casino that is fully legal. It is very security-focused, since all the players must submit documents of proof that they are compliant with the Know Your Customer, and the Anti-money laundering rules. Those policies are ensuring that all the funds are legal and there will no be funds from nefarious places. Furthermore, Roobet as the SSL certificate that makes sure that all of your personal information is safe with them.

 Roobet Casino Players Experience

Roobet is a website that was built very good, there are no expired links, and the players can enjoy great gaming experience. The design of the platform looks good, it looks like an application, because it does not have a lot of sidebars. The design choice is more than great, especially when we know that the casino offers only casino games.

Most of the betting platforms have much more sidebars because they need to divide all their offerings. Roobet has chosen to offer less games and options, so the design is perfect. You can easily make a registration, you can easily contact the customer support, and last, but not least – you can easily find all you need.

 Roobet Casino Features

Roobet Casino offers a lot of games available for its players. However, instead of putting more than 5000 games, the casino has decided to put smaller number of options, but qualified one. So, the games you will find are more of a high-quality famous option.

Roobet Casino Features

 Of course, you will find games such as:

- Baccarat
- Blackjack
- Game shows
- House games
- Crash
- Slots

As we said, there are special games available, and Crash is one of them. It is not common game; the risk and the rewards are different and the chance of making a real profit is good. So, many players may have the chance to 10x or even 100x their profit when playing Cash. It all depends on how much you want to invest.

 Roobet Payment Methods

What makes Roobet different is the payment methods. The payment is unique, and there are only three cryptocurrencies accepted for withdrawing and depositing methods. You have to exchange them for Roobidos.

Roobet Payment Methods

What is that? Well, Roobido is a special currency that was created by the website for making payments and withdrawals. One of the Roobido is equal to one Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. So, you can easily exchange them on the exchange rate it was reported lastly.

When exchanging Roobidos on Roobet there will be no trading fees, so don’t worry. You need those currencies if you want bet and play games, because this currency is used for every game on the website. You need to be aware that if you deposit 100 BTC, you will get 100 Roobidos. Same is with the withdraw, if you withdraw 100 Roobidos, you will get 100 BTC, ETH, or LTH. At this website there is no minimum deposit.

 Where can we look for Roobet Promo Codes?

If you want to get more bonuses and promotions, you better look for them.

 You can get those in:

- Daily Rewards – if you use Roobet daily, then you will most likely get promotions and bonuses.

- Activity Raffles – if you are an active player, then you will most likely get promo codes and rewards. 

- Reddit – people that are using Reddit may come to a promo code and a great promotion while reading about gambling platforms.

- Tournaments – of course, you can get a promo code and a bonus if you check on the events that are being organized by Roobet.

- Giveaways in Twitter – there are giveaways in twitter, which can help you out to get a promo code, promotion, or some great bonus code.

- Rains – there are some great codes during the Roobet’s rains, so you can get of those if you are depositing at least 25 Roobidos for the last seven days.




No, sadly, there is still no mobile bonus at Roobet. Yes, you can apply a promo code while using your mobile device, but there are no special promotions offered at the mobile option of Roobet.
Yes, Roobet offers great customer support, which is available 24/7 with a chat option. People share very good reviews, and they say that they are happy when it comes to the customer service.
Yes, it will not be a problem to withdraw your money using Ethereum. You can choose of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum when making a withdraw. Keep in mind that they are instant, but if there is some kind of delay, then you can always contact the customer support of the website.
Yes, Roobet is a fully legal website that will keep all your data safe. So, don’t worry about that, Roobet keeps all the personal information for themselves only. It is required for safety.
Yes, for the loyal players there is a VIP program and every player that is playing casino games often at Roobet can get into the VIP program. He will receive a lot of bonuses and promotions.