Responsible Gambling

One of the principles is based on is the principle of responsible gambling. This is not an individual mission we have exclusively accepted as our constant struggle. It’s an international doctrine all trustworthy and reliable operators, companies, organizations and websites related to sports betting and igaming have been sticking to. We honestly hope our readers, followers and friends accept responsible gambling as their own principle, as well.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling is a philosophy that orients to the fair game and the idea of playing for fun rather than for money making. It incorporates both – mandatory rules and recommendations – that matter for each operator’s transparent practice and each punter’s activity on the internet. Through the years organizations that are involved in sports betting and casino spheres have accepted and established numerous tips and rules for you and for the companies to follow. What they all are made for is security, protection, personal liability and authority in gaming and betting participation. Responsible gambling principles are not made to negatively limit either the company or the player. They are designed to secure fair relationships. Responsible gambling is not a way to make your activity more unpleasant, on the contrary – it’s made to remind you that you are in a casino or betting website for fun rather than for money. Responsible gambling helps you avoid the biggest risk in this form of entertainment – getting addicted and losing your money, your health, and your normal lifestyle.

Responsible gambling rules for companies to follow

Every company that provides online gambling services receives the title “trustworthy” when it’s legal and licensed. These factors make it more reliable in the player’s eyes. The official license is credited after a long-term checking procedure by national and international authorities, which later establish a regulating plan for the operator. Within this plan, there are dozens of rules the company should obey, including regarding responsible gambling. 

For the sake of responsible gambling every bookmaker is supposed to:

- Accept only players of a legal age

- Establish an account verification procedure 

- Require detailed personal data from the customers 

- Suspend an account if it’s owned by a customer who doesn’t follow the responsible gambling principles 

- Provide consultations, assistance and in-time actions for account suspension in case the customer is at risk of gambling addiction 

- And many more

Responsible gambling rules for customers to follow

When you make a registration in any bookmaker or casino on the internet you are obliged to read and then, agree with its terms and conditions. Except for them, there are also several important documents you need to read and agree with – the personal data protection document, as well as the policy for responsible gambling. Due to the last obligation of yours as a player in a casino or a bookie you are supposed to:

- Provide only valid and true personal information about your identity 

- Avoid hiding important personal details about yourself when being asked to provide 

- Stick to the fair play game and do not try to make any fraud 

- Avoid cheating whether when playing against the operator or other punters

- Take action when feeling at risk of being addicted to gambling 

- Play only with your own money, but not borrowing such or steal 

- Have a solid money management system

- Never place a bet you cannot afford to lose 

- Avoid chasing your loss

- And many more

What to do if you feel at risk of gambling addiction?

Unfortunately, some players neglect responsible gambling principles and appear in the trap of addiction. Teams and companies like ours, as well as professional organizations, though, are open for them to asking for help and assistance. We strongly recommend you do the following if doubting being addicted to gambling:

- Read your operator’s responsible gambling policy 

- Take benefit of the operator’s options for account suspension, self-exclusion or limitation 

- Contact your operator’s customer support team for guides and help 

- Reach your local responsible gambling organization or any other authority that works in the addiction treatment sphere 

- Contact the Bethap team for further assistance and support

Bethap insists on all of its readers stick to responsible gambling principles and rules. We support the fair play game. We wish you more fun and no health and financial risks while using any of our highly recommended casinos and bookmakers.