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OfferBonusPromo code
Casino Welcome OfferBonus up to $2000BETHAP
Sports Welcome BonusGet 20% Cashback for 7 daysBETHAP
RooWardsCashback, rakeback, etc.*****
VIP ProgramLoyalty rewards*****

Roobet is one of the top betting websites and online casinos which offer many gaming opportunities for the casino lovers. Furthermore, this website offers a cryptocurrency betting option, and most important – a great bonuses!

Hundreds of people are choosing it everyday, so if you also are considering to join Roobet casino, then you are surely on the right place! Why? Because we are about to share with you all the information you need to know about this gambling platform, including the generous ongoing promotions, the best promotional codes and of ocurse - a special Roobet promo code for you. You better use our Roobet promo code when betting in Roobet for some great promotion and bonuses, so keep reading!

 Roobet Promo Code - what you need to know?

First and most important - you should know that our Roobet promo code should be entered during the process of registration. It is one of the best Roobet promo codes you can get, as it will definitely boost your experience by giving you the best promotions at the Roobet Casino Website.

Roobet Promo Code - BETHAP

Most roobet promo codes give you a specific bonus such as free money, deposit bonuses or free balance to play slots. Well, when using our Roobet bonus code - you will get the ultimate best experience during your whole betting as a client of this online casino, but let us tell you more.

In fact, you will also be able to join the Welcome Week during which you will have 7 days of opportunities to win $2,000! But how? Well, once you use the Promo code BETHAP - you can enjoy:

Day 1: Welcome Missions

⦿   Go to a selected slot and opt in to the missions
⦿   Deposit $10+ to start your first task
⦿   24h to win up to $660

Day 2: Highest Multiplier Tournament

⦿   Join the tournament with a $0.50+ bet
⦿   $1,000 prize pool
⦿   25 winners

Day 3: Cashback

⦿   Play on selected slots
⦿   Get 10% cashback
⦿   Up to $200

Day 4: Prize Drops

⦿   Bet from as little as $0.50
⦿   80+ chances to win
⦿   $1,000 in random drops

Day 5: Race

⦿   Play up to 500 spins
⦿   Hit multipliers for points
⦿   $1,000 prize pool

Day 6: Missions

⦿   Go to a selected slot and opt in to the missions
⦿   Bet $0.20+ to start your tasks
⦿   Spin, win, and wager to get rewards

Day 7: Highest Multiplier Tournament

⦿   Reach the highest multiplier
⦿   Win up to $500
⦿   $1,000 prize pool

Where is the Roobet promo code entered?

In order to use most of the Roobet offers, you need to have a confirmed registration. Then, to get a great bonus, you need to enter a Roobet promo code. As we already mentioned, it is not hard to do that – you only need to do that during the registration, or to go to the ‘Promo’ section after that. 

There is a place where you have to enter the Roobet Bonus Code - BETHAP under the section ‘Promo’. After that you have to press ‘Redeem promotion’, and claim your bonus. As a person that has a Roobet account and has entered our special Roobet promotional code - you will get the mest monthly rewards, the best deposit limits and the most attractive ongoing promotions.

Main Benefits of using Roobet promo code

On the off chance that you choose to utilize Roobet promotion codes, you likely need to figure out the advantages. Here are the best 5 reasons you better take advantage of the Roobet promotional codes now:

⦿   Get free spins: One of the elite Roobet promo codes will furnish you with free twists only for pursuing a an account and completing the Roobet sign in process.
⦿   Increment your Roowards level for nothing: By utilizing different Roobet promo codes, you are expanding your interactivity time and expanding the quantity of involvement focuses and levels you wouldn't reach without utilizing such codes.
⦿   Get everyday, week by week, and month to month rewards: One of the greatest advantages of utilizing Roobet bonus codes is that you can immediately open Roowards and guarantee everyday, week by week, and month to month rewards without climbing various levels to open them. So having promo codes is always a good idea, don't hesitate to use them!
⦿   Extra assets to play with: Who could do without a deposit bonus ? This is an incredible method for getting additional cash into your bankroll, for nothing. Fortunately for everybody, Robot isn't severe with regards to betting prerequisites, so you will meet those without utilizing a great deal of exertion. There are many roobet codes that will get you extra bonus packages and monthly bonuses, so don't forget to use them.
⦿   Test the stage without a major speculation: If you would rather not make a major speculation when you just joined, then, at that point, utilize a promotion code that will permit you to guarantee extra assets to test the site and see whether you like it.

 Roobet registration

Shortly after the registration in Roobet, its users wound be welcomed by a welcome bonus. We are about to share with you more about the welcome bonus in a moment, because the company offers great services and support. Have in mind that after you sign up, you will have many other opportunities to win free bonus. But first, you need to be a registered player.

 To register, follow those simple steps:

1.     Open the website and click on the ‘Register’ option

2.     You must register as new player- email registration is strongly advised, because afterward will be needed for withdraw.

3.     You have to confirm that you are over 18

How do I register on Roobet? - Promo code

4.     Once your account is ready – select ‘Promo’ and enter the Promo code – BETHAP

5.     You can press “Redeem promotion” and claim your bonus

6.     Deposit money in bank account

7.     Now you have finished account and you can bet

 Roobet welcome casino bonus

Happily - Roobet Casino does offer an amazing welcome bonus to all its players today. It will surely boost your experience and get you much better winnings and free money. Let us tell you more about the Roobet Welcome bonus - it is a welcome bonus of 70 free spins that are valued at 80 EUR. You have to make an account, to deposit money and to enjoy the Roobet Welcome Bonus.

Roobet welcome bonus

You don't need the special promotional code for this bonus, but this does not mean that your coupon code will not be used. However, you will be able to get a Roobet Promo Code in a different way. Don’t forget the promo code - BETHAP , it may be useful in future too!

 Roobet Cashback Welcome Offer

Roobet Cashback Welcome Offer

In the event that you are searching for a restrictive Roobet reward offer, you would rather not pass up this one. With this cashback welcome bonus, you can get 20% Cashback on all deposits made in 7 days or less at the Roobet Website. It is one of the best bonuses offered by online casinos. You don't need a speical Roobet promo code for that. Here are the fundamental advances you want to take to initiate this reward.

1.      Open an account

2.      Put aside however many installments as you need.

3.      Browse different accessible games and begin putting down wagers.

4.      Get 20% cashback for 7 days

5.      Procure extra Roowards by utilizing this invite reward.

It is significant that this is a restricted time advancement, it means a lot to mean consistently. This bonus from Roobet guarantees you 20% cashback for 7 days for your misfortunes. Maybe, the online casno will decide to extend this Roobet promo, but we are about to know that soon.

 How can I win a Roobet promo code?

There are many opportunities to earn a Promo code at Roobet. However, you should look out for few ones. For example, the ‘daily rewards.’  For the people who use trading platforms every day, will gain different proposals that may include the bonus codes. 

Another way of winning it, is with Reddit. People are searching for all sorts of things on that platform, if you decide to follow their steps, you may find a bonus code too. Like other top level crypto betting platforms, Roobet will organize different events that can result in winning the bonus code. Different, also very easy way is to be more present at the website, so yes - Roobet promo codes may be found literally everywhere.

There are many cases of people winning Roobet promo codes, just for being online for longer. Giveaways are very popular nowadays, especially in twitter. There is the possibility to win a Roobet promo code, provided by the operator. After all Twitter is very important for the online businesses, so make sure to follow for great bonus codes.

 RooBet no deposit bonus

Unfortunately, there is not such bonus offered by Roobet. If you haven’t made your deposit, there will be no such promotion available for you. The majority of crypto betting websites require minor payment to enter the games. In future, if a Roobet no deposit bonus becomes available, we will surely note that and share with you every detail about the online casino.

 What bonuses are there for regular players at Roobet?

Bonuses for regular players at Roobet


The regular players are the people who would benefit the most of all users. There are many games on Roobet that are free to play. With those the players will receive pints and then they can exchange them for “Roobidos”. To collect enough points, you must take place at different app tests, sites, and surveys.


This is a system at Roobet casino that allows players to access various bonuses for casino games. This is a game that may not require a special Roobet promo code, but you will have to play it, in order to leave up. The purpose is to win more offers when you raise the level.

Roobet VIP and Rewards Program

The VIP program is one of the best features that Roobet offer, and it is better than other casinos. There the VIP players will be provided with different perks and features. To become a special player, in order to use these additional casino games, you have to be Roobet loyal client. To become one, it’s needed to be active in the platforms and to use as many products as possible that the website offers.

Then you will be getting monthly bonus, chosen Roobet promo code, Roobet referral codes, Promo codes Roobet and many other advantages at this online casino.

Roobet carried out a committed celebrity devotion and prizes program called "Roowards". This is a remarkable approach to rewarding faithful players.

The rationale behind such a program is easy to comprehend. By betting on the stage, players gather experience focuses, and they will progress through various levels.

Thusly, they are qualified for three distinct prizes:

⦿   An everyday rakeback can be guaranteed in view of the bets made in the beyond 24 hours.
⦿   Week after week cashback will permit you to manage down your misfortunes by offering back a rate week by week.
⦿   A month to month reward gives a store advancement and a misfortune rate return all month long.

Roobet KingRoo

This is an event that lets digital currency win rewards. Although there is a lot of competition for this game, it is not available all the time at Roobet. That’s why if you are interested in playing, you will have to reach to the support team for additional information.

Roobet's Affiliate Program - Rooferrals

Roobet offers players an opportunity to procure themselves commission by alluding different players to their internet based gambling club. The program is called Rooferral. You will be given a Rooferral refferal code that you can provide for your friends.

By utilizing this connection, they'll have the option to help themselves to even out 1. You will actually want to get a commission of 5% on your reference's all's bets, forever!

Remember that the client who enrolls an account, should set their arbitrator inside the initial 12 hours, any other way, they will lose the chance to do as such.

Reference income, nonetheless, can not be guaranteed until you have alluded a sum of 10 players, and every one of them has profit over 5 Roolions (1:1 USD). So, don't forget to share your roobet referral code and enjoy free rowards boost, free money and many other bonuses.

Drops and Wins Live Casno

Gear up for Mr. Roo's tempting day to day and week after week cash drops, with a huge award pool of up to €500,000. Take a stab at chosen live games, including Blackjack, Roulette, and the elating Game Shows and Spaceman. Monetary rewards look for you, regardless of your favored game! You can join even without promo code or special roobet code.


Prepare yourself for a definitive Spinomenal summer competition! Containing 12 exciting rounds and an all out prize pool of $200,000, this opposition urges players to overcome the list of competitors, with 200 champs arising successful each round. You don't need promo codes for this offer.

Drops and Wins Slots

Slot games are unique continuous advancement, the consequence of a promising coordinated effort among Roobet and Realistic. This drive, accessible endlessly, highlights a month to month prize pool of €500,000, changed over into the Roobet's local cash, Roollion. The advancement applies to all opening games explicitly picked by Even minded Play. You don't need promo code for this offer.


 Other Roobet Promo Codes

Roobet is tied in with rewarding the local area, faithful clients, and the people who are simply beginning. To this end there are a lot of Roobet promo codes to browse. Recall that the codes are liable to change and that the reward you are getting can likewise be adjusted.

There are multiple approaches to finding a Roobet promo code. We, first and foremost, recommend you follow the stage on famous stages like Instagram, X(former Twitter), and Wire. There, you will figure out different a single opportunity codes that you can use to guarantee free twists, extra cashback, or store rewards.

To wrap things up, in both "Advancements" and "News", you will find various declarations of specific advancements and Roobet promo codes that will assist you with getting all the more value for your money.

In the event that you're a normal at Roobet, you ought to move in the know regarding what's along on around here through the News segment. Roobet as of late added its News segment in May of 2022. You'll track down declarations about organizations as well as new impending rewards or advancements that will be made accessible to players or have been made accessible.

One reward code that evidently consistently works is hellago, which permits new clients to get a free move up to a level 1 record and gives 70 Free Spins worth $80 for you!

 Is there a special mobile bonus at Roobet?

Roobet doesn’t offer mobile bonus, neither a roobet code for mobile casno. Even if you have managed to gain a bonus code, using the provided one from us, or from the above-mentioned methods, you won’t find mobile exclusive promotions.

Mobile bonus at Roobet

The good news is that the absence of mobile bonus, doesn’t mean that the mobile users won’t be able to use their other promotions form different games and methods.

 Overall Review Roobet

Calling itself a body devoted to giving a straightforward and legit gambling club insight, Roobet is a novice to the internet based gambling club industry. These have previously settled a genuinely huge fan local area after just working for a year.

This is expected not exclusively to their obligation to trustworthiness, yet in addition to the way that they have adopted an alternate and imaginative strategy to their gambling club plan.

Roobet has two or three advantages not seen by a larger number of people of its rivals, including unknown enrollment, a progression of in-house games with a provably fair calculation, and a lot of liberal continuous advancements intended to keep the local area locked in.

Significant: Roobet isn't accessible to players in the US, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, and several different nations. For the full rundown of nations limited by Roobet, if it's not too much trouble, audit the Terms of Administration (ToS) at the lower part of the site.

 What casino games are there at Roobet?

On the Roobet platform you can find the most popular casino games, such as:

What casino games are there at Roobet?


This crypto club gives clients a devoted Slots segment on the site. Assuming you click on it, you will find different channels that can be utilized. You will have the chance to play selected slots, to unlock instant roowards access, and oto finid many promo codes for this section. Besides, you can channel the games by prevalence or just pick suppliers that you are keen on.

You will love to hear that Roobet gives generally famous titles like Sweet Treasure trove, Needed In any condition, Doors of Olympus, or Enormous Bass Mother lode.

Least and most extreme bets rely upon the opening game close by. Nonetheless, we guarantee you that hot shots and standard gambling club players will track down something that suits them here.

Some of the best games include Aztec Magic Bonanza and Miss cherry fruits. Roobet legit is ensured, and if you have promo codes - you can use them.

Table Games

Players can find a large number of table games in the live gambling club segment. Such games accompany live vendors to converse with and partake in a full gambling club insight from the solace of your home. Roobet offers a few channels to assist you with finding well known betting choices like Roulette, Baccarat, Live Poker, and so on.

Game Shows are likewise accessible here. On the off chance that you honestly love the Uber Wheel, Restraining infrastructure, or Blast City, you will adore it here, as these games are accessible and numerous others. The standard table games found here are Development and Sober minded Play.

Live Casino Games

Roobet offers an unassuming number of continuous live games, which can be gotten to from the Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette classifications.

Their choice of live club games isn't so broad as different club, however it actually covers the fundamental game organizations for those searching for a live gambling club insight. It additionally incorporates celebrity tables for the hot shots and offers rooms with individual sellers in games like Salon Prive.

All the games at live casino are absolutely great, they guarantee gaming fairness, VIP tables and provably fair algorithm.

When it comes to the live casino - there are mines games provided by Push Gaming and by other game providers, there are many interesting live dealer games, and we are sure that you will love them. The casino also offer promo codes for the different games.


In the event that you appreciate sports or esports wagering, you ought to attempt Roobet, and here is the reason. Most importantly, this sportsbook gives probably the best chances available, particularly once contrasted with their opposition.

Also, the inclusion is tremendous. You can put bets on famous games, including soccer, tennis, ice hockey, ball, darts, MMA/UFC, cricket, baseball, and so on.

With regards to putting down wagers on esports matches, you will be glad to hear that there are a few titles accessible for wagering, like CS: GO(CS2), Class of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft, FIFA, NBA 2K, Rainbow Six Attack, Valorant, Field of Boldness, or even Versatile Legends.

 Roobet Payment methods

Roobet is a betting platform that offers a lot of payment methods. That’s what makes it very popular amongst players all around the world.

So, you can make a payment with a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and others, but those are not all the possible methods. You can see more about the minimum deposit at the website.

 You can also use:

- Visa
- Cryptocurrencies
- MasterCard
- AstroPay
- others

The deposits are instant, but sometimes, the withdraw may take a little longer. Don’t worry and if you ever need help, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of Roobet. Make sure to check if a specific payment method or minimum deposit is required to make a bonus valid.

It is good to note that Roobet crypto casino does offer a good selection of crypto currencies - you can use BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and there is no minimum deposit requirement.

 Client Care Roobet

Roobet appears to mind a considerable amount about its standing among the digital money betting local area, which is the reason they give brilliant client support. As well as talking with a specialist live (accessible in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Serbian) or sending an email, it is very simple to find the response to an inquiry by writing locally visit.

Also, it is feasible to cooperate with client support specialists on Roobet's interpersonal organizations, the most famous being Facebook, Twitter, Wire, Instagram, Jerk, and Spotify.


There are many ways the new and the old players and users to gain additional bonuses and promotions. They will benefit from new games and sections, sometime free bonuses as the one provided by us: BETHAP

As a conclusion, we can say that Roobet is more than a great website, that offers a variety of games, bonuses, and payment methods. Furthermore, the website offers good customer support that is always available to help if there is an issue.




Yes, you will need a promo code to get the best offer at Roobet, so you better use the promo code ‘BETHAP’.
No, you can use a Promo code only once. If you try using it twice, it will most likely not be valid.
Yes, Roobet is a legit casino, even though it is a relatively new online betting platform.
Yes, Roobet is restricted in some of the countries around the world. You can see a list of them in the website. We hope that soon it will be available all around the world, but this may take some time, since Roobet is not an old website.
Yes, there is a VIP Program at Roobet. It is a great option, because it gives you much more than one perk. However, to get in the program you need to be loyal, active and use as many as possible of the products of the casino.