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Roobet Promo Code - Review

Roobet is one of the top betting websites which offer many gaming opportunities for the casino lovers. Furthermore, this website offers a cryptocurrency betting option, and most important – a great bonuses! Today we will give you a promo code to use when betting in Roobet for some great promotion and bonuses, so keep reading!

 Roobet registration

Shortly after the registration in Roobet, its users wound be welcomed by a bonus. Sadly, this offer is not available yet, however it’s expected to be released soon, because the company offers great services and support. Have in mind that after you sign up, you will have many other opportunities to win free bonus. But first, you need to be a registered player.

 To register, follow those simple steps:

1.     Open the website and click on the ‘Register’ option

2.     You must register as new player- email registration is strongly advised, because afterward will be needed for withdraw.

3.     You have to confirm that you are over 18

How do I register on Roobet? - Promo code

4.     Once your account is ready – select ‘Promo’ and enter the Promo code – BETHAP

5.     You can press “Redeem promotion” and claim your bonus

6.     Deposit money in bank account

7.     Now you have finished account and you can bet

 Where is the Roobet promo code entered?

In order to use most of the Roobet offers, you need to have a confirmed registration. Then, to get a great bonus, you need to enter a promo code. As we already mentioned, it is not hard to do that – you only need to do that during the registration, or to go to the ‘Promo’ section after that.

Where is the Roobet promo code entered?

There is a place where you have to enter the code BETHAP under the section ‘Promo’. After that you have to press ‘Redeem promotion’, and claim your bonus.

 Roobet welcome casino bonus

Unfortunately, there is no “welcome bonus” offered at the website yet. However, the team of developers are working on that feature at the moment. We believe it will be released very soon. At least, is expected, because of the RooBet reliable team and support.

It’s assumed that the other features will require the special bonus code, since we haven’t received any conditions. However, you will be able to get a Roobet Promo Code in a different way. Don’t forget the promo code BETHAP , it may be useful in future too!

 How can I win a Roobet promo code?

There are many opportunities to earn a Promo code at Roobet. However, you should look out for few ones. For example, the ‘daily rewards.’  For the people who use trading platforms every day, will gain different proposals that may include the bonus code. 

Another way of winning it, is with Reddit. People are searching for all sorts of things on that platform, if you decide to follow their steps, you may find a unique code. Like other top level crypto betting platforms, Roobet will organize different events that can result in winning the bonus code. Different, also very easy way is to be more present at the website.  

There are many cases of people winning the bonus, just for being online for longer. Giveaways are very popular nowadays, especially in twitter. There is the possibility to win a bonus, provided by the operator. After all Twitter is very important for the online businesses.

 RooBet no deposit bonus

Unfortunately, there is not such bonus offered by Roobet. If you haven’t made your deposit, there will be no such promotion available for you. The majority of crypto betting websites require minor payment to enter the games.

 What bonuses are there for regular players at Roobet?

The regular players are the people who would benefit the most of all users. There are many games on Roobet that are free to play. With those the players will receive pints and then they can exchange them for “Roobidos”. To collect enough points, you must take place at different app tests, sites, and surveys.


This is a system at Roobet that allows players to access various bonuses. This is a game that may not require a special code, but you will have to play it, in order to leave up. The purpose is to win more offers when you raise the level.

 Roobet VIP

Roobet VIP - For regular players

This is a program that can be accessed with a special code, especially for it. There the VIP players will be provided with different perks and features. To become a special player, in order to use these additional games, you have to be Roobet loyal client. To become one, it’s needed to be active in the platforms and to use as many products as possible that the website offers.

Roobet KingRoo

This is an event that lets digital currency win rewards. Although there is a lot of competition for this game, it is not available all the time at Roobet. That’s why if you are interested in playing, you will have to reach to the support team for additional information.

 Is there a special mobile bonus at Roobet?

Is there a special mobile bonus at Roobet?

Roobet doesn’t offer mobile bonus. Even if you have managed to gain a bonus code, using the provided one from us, or from the above-mentioned methods, you won’t find mobile exclusive promotions. The good news is that the absence of mobile bonus, doesn’t mean that the mobile users won’t be able to use their other promotions form different games and methods.

 What casino games are there at Roobet?

On the Roobet platform you can find the most popular casino games, such as:

What casino games are there at Roobet?

- Slots
- Baaccart
- Blackjack 
- Game shows
- Drops and wins

 Roobet Payment methods

Roobet is a betting platform that offers a lot of payment methods. That’s what makes it very popular amongst players all around the world. So, you can make a payment with a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and others, but those are not all the possible methods.

 You can also use:

- Visa
- MasterCard
- AstroPay
- others

The deposits are instant, but sometimes, the withdraw may take a little longer. Don’t worry and if you ever need help, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of Roobet.


There are many ways the new and the old players and users to gain additional bonuses and promotions. They will benefit from new games and sections, sometime free bonuses as the one provided by us: BETHAP

As a conclusion, we can say that Roobet is more than a great website, that offers a variety of games, bonuses, and payment methods. Furthermore, the website offers good customer support that is always available to help if there is an issue.



Viktoriya Dicheva

Viktoriya Dicheva

Viktoriya is a content writer with many years of experience in the betting and other niches.


Yes, you will need a promo code to get the best offer at Roobet, so you better use the promo code ‘BETHAP’.
No, you can use a Promo code only once. If you try using it twice, it will most likely not be valid.
Yes, Roobet is a legit casino, even though it is a relatively new online betting platform.
Yes, Roobet is restricted in some of the countries around the world. You can see a list of them in the website. We hope that soon it will be available all around the world, but this may take some time, since Roobet is not an old website.
Yes, there is a VIP Program at Roobet. It is a great option, because it gives you much more than one perk. However, to get in the program you need to be loyal, active and use as many as possible of the products of the casino.