Bwin Bonus


This article is dedicated to the promotions and offers of the Austrian bookmaker Bwin, which since 2016 has a license for most of the countries in Europe. For more information about the bookmaker, you can read our main Bwin review..

Bwin Bonus

 Registering for sports betting- Bwin Starter Bonus

For a long time, the serious drawback of Bwin sports betting bonuses was that the company did not offer a deposit bonus, which is traditionally given to new players.

Fortunately for all players interested in registering with this Austrian bookmaker, from September 2019 there is an offer for new customers. At the same time, it stood out from the competition with the largest upper limit of the proposal - up to 115 euros. In percentage terms, the standard for the market 100% of the paid amount remains. However, there is still no initial casino offer.

For this initial sports bonus, it is very important to remember that it will only be given to you if you press the registration button, which is located on the promotion page. You can access the page through one of the banners that you will easily find on the home page of the site. Keep in mind that technical problems are noticed and the banner of this particular promotion is not always visible there. If you have this problem, try to solve it by logging in through another web browser.

The Bwin bonus for new players is rolled 7 times.

 Free Bet Mania free bets every day

In addition, the bookie has an offer that players can take advantage of daily and win a free bet of up to € 50 every 24 hours.

For this purpose it is necessary to place bets within a day for a fairly substantial amount - at least 500 euros. Your bets must be settled in order to receive a € 50 free bet. For a 10 euro in bets there is a prize of 1 euro. Similarly, for bets over 20 euros you will receive 2 euros free bet, over 50 euro - 5 euro and so on.

It is difficult to say that this offer has the most favorable conditions, but it still serves as an additional incentive for players to bet and as a great addition to those players who place big bets anyway.

Keep in mind that these 10, 50 or 500 euros must be bet on slips with at least 2 selections, and each of the selections must be with at least 1.50 odds.

If you earn the right to a free bet, you will be able to dispose of it if you like. Any profit from it is not subject to any requirements.

 Game Football Expert - 15,000 euro prize pool

Every day when you have at least one real money bet, you will also have the right to give a free prediction for a set of 11 football matches, from which you will receive 10,000 euros from the prize fund if you are fully successful.

 There are also other prizes:
- 2,000 euros for 10 of 11 successes
- 20 euros for 9 out of 11 successes (this prizes and lower ones are given in the form of a free bet, not cash money unlike the bigger two)
- 10 euros for 8 out of 11 success rates
- 2 euros for 7 out of 11 success rates

 Increased odds

For sports fans there are two additional promotions, which are different types of offers for increased odds.

The odds for 10 markets increase by 15% every day. Very rarely, these increased odds are for the most player-betting markets as a winner or over 2.5 goals - usually the promotion is launched for markets such as "Penalty in the match", "X to win both halves", "Red card in the match". 

The "Combi + ", offers higher winnings for combined bets. The problem is that you do not make the combined bets yourself, but you can only place a bet on combinations already created by the bookmaker, which are usually 2-3 per day. If even one of the teams in the combinations you do not think will win, this promotion in this case becomes unnecessary for you. The bookmaker always offers combined bets for victories of three football teams, as the increase in the eventual profit reaches 30%.

 Bwin Bonus code for casino and poker

There is a bonus of up to 200 euros, but it is not available to all countries..

Bwin Bonus code for casino and poker

The poker division is offering about half a dozen offers, although none of them are related to the players most preferred type of promotion, which is a deposit bonus type. Offers most often grant the player the right to participate in freerolls under certain conditions which you can learn more in our Bwin Poker article.

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Certainly bonuses are not among the strongest points of the bookmaker, but still players are not completely unhappy.
Every day the operator increases the odds for selected single markets.
There are inflated bets on combined bets on several different matches.
No, the profit remains on the account like any other ordinary bet at normal odds.