1xBet Doesn’t Load – What Just Happened?


1xBet Doesn’t Load – What Just Happened?

Don’t worry – if recently 1xBet has resisted your efforts to open the website and have fun with their wonderful service – it is definitely not your fault. Many signs from players have arrived claiming that they are trying to use the 1xBet mirror link, and even so they are unable to load the diversity of games they provide. Which is why our team will try to equip you with some knowledge and other ways to access 1xBet.

Obviously, the restrictions are temporary. The good thing is that there are alternative ways to use the website.

Here are the two alternative links for opening the 1xBet Website. You can count on BetHap that we will always present to you the current, updated link for the bookmaker:

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Access 1xBet from your PC

We have mentioned some mirror links above, but if none of them opens the website – you may use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is software that helps you connect to pages you have no access to because of your location. It will sort of mask your IP address and encrypt the data before connecting you to the website. That’s the top reason people use VPN: it hides the country you come from.

There are plenty of options online to receive this service you may choose from. Among plenty of such applications the most popular is an extension for Chrome called UrbanVPN and we will guide you through the process of download and installation of this easy-to-use program.

urbanvpn - installation

So, go to UrbanVPN main site and find the button called “Free Download” – in the corner to the right. Pressing it will download the application immediately. When you have saved UrbanVPN2.exe on your Desktop or Downloads Folder – press the file to begin installation. It is not a Microsoft program, still it is safe to permit the installation. In less than a minute, the process will be completed and the application will open automatically. What’s left for you to do is pick your location. We offer you to open the website from Malta, Ukraine, Norway, as well as any Latin American country. Once you do this – the bookmaker’s website opens like a charm!

IMPORTANT! During registration, don’t forget to enter in the respective field the Promo Code for your installation: BETHAP


1xBet – Ways of Downloading the Applications for both Android and iOS

After you are familiar with using UrbanVPN you may proceed to downloading the Android and iOS applications for 1xBet.

 For Androidthe application is downloaded to your device immediately after pressing the button below. In case you have a problem with the installation or registration – you may try with the VPN.

IMPORTANT! After you download the .apk and install it – during the registration process,
please enter the Promo Code: BETHAP


 For iOS –
Please, make your IP is hidden by a VPN (preferrably from Russia) you can press this button and it will open App Store. The mobile application can be downloaded directly if you follow the instructions closely.

IMPORTANT! After you download the application for iOS and install it – during the registration process,
please enter the Promo Code: BETHAP


Ways to Open 1xBet on your Smart Phone through VPN

Definitely in this age we are more prone to using our smartphones both for communication and various entertainment purposes such as gambling. This is something every self-respectable bookmaker conforms with. If you are insecure whether you should play from your smartphone or your tablet, we strongly advise that you should read all the information about the mobile version of 1xBet. There are countless opportunities for you to play in the mobile variant  which are quite similar in options as the desktop site. The review above has detailed instructions on where and how to download and install the 1xBet mobile app for both iOS and Android. There is a link to it below the steps for installation.

Should you come upon any problems, chances are the website is not loading for some very good reason. In such case – apply a VPN service. It is not hard to install one at all and the installation steps are almost the same as above. 

1. Make sure Google Market is opened on your Android system, or that you have loaded the App Store – in case you are the proud owner of an Apple Device (iPhone or iPad).

2. Enter the name of the application – UrbanVPN

3. The application will open – and you have to just press the button for download. 

4. When you press the button the app installs itself on your smartphone device.

5. Open UrbanVPN and switch your location to any desired country. For 1xBet, in particular, you may use the following countries: Ukraine, Norway, Malta, Peru, Brazil etc.

Open UrbanVPN and switch your location to any desired country

6. Now all you have to do is open 1xBet and delight in gambling directly accessing all the features from the company’s mobile application.  

7. Should you like doing so – you can launch the bookmaker directly from your smartphone without opening your browser. 

There is quite an extensive review provided by BetHap for our visitors – LINK to the Mobile Version of 1xBet. You can get familiar with the most essential features of the mobile application of 1xBet and how to exploit more competently. The download and installation process is also available to you step by step. 

IMPORTANT! Please, keep in mind that you have to fill in the Promo Code Field with the word: BETHAP


Still Another Option

There are browsers you can use, which are special – having a service that is built-in and allows to protect the security of your connection. This is suitable for any operating system. You need to download the browser and tick the box “Enable VPN” and the connection to the bookmaker will work. 

Your favorite browser by all means has got its dedicated VPN extension. If you love your browser and you don’t want to change it – write “Download VPN” in the search engine, activate the extension and pick a country with a different IP. 

IMPORTANT! Please, keep in mind that you have to fill in the Promo Code Field with the word: BETHAP


Handy To Know!

You can keep in mind that other acclaimed bookmakers – Melbet for instance – do not open in some countries due to the fact that they are not licensed for operation there. At all times we provide our enjoyers with a working link for the Melbet platform, but there are countries, when even this link will be restricted. If Melbet doesn’t load – the reasons may be quite the same, as whan you don’t have access to 1xBet. For these scenarious – again VPN cluent is used. The download and installation processes are absolutely the same. 

More Handy Information!

Sometimes, our users report that Betwinner can’t be accesssed. It is a beloved bookmaker among the players all over the world, since it presents amazing game alternatives, various betting sections and a large variety of bonuses. We tend to publish alternative links for Betwinner, but if you can’t access the website from them – then it is a great idea to employ some VPN software. 

Reasons 1xBet will not open:
Unfortunately, 1xBet has temporary restrictions for several countries, which means that players from these countries will not have adequate access for a certain period of time. Even Russian players sometimes can not open their favorite platform. However – we present you with the option to be flexible and make sure you can play anytime and from anywhere. 
Join 1xBet now! 

IMPORTANT! Please, keep in mind that you have to fill in the Promo Code Field with the word: BETHAP


More information



Certainly there is – besides the two alternative links – there exists the well-described method above – using a program that helps you hide your IP and it appears as if you come from a different country, where the bookmaker has been licensed already.
It would have been a major disadvantage if nowadays we can not gamble using our smart devices and respectable bookmakers know this. One of the good ways is to apply by a VPN service – it is easy to install and it really works on both Android and iOS.
In some browsers there is a built-in system, which allows you to protect your connection. In all the major browsers there are VPN extensions. All you have to do is pick the right country, which will load the website fast as lightning.
Among the most popular bookmakers which need a VPN connection to work in some countries are Melbet and Betwinner. Again the unfortunate reason is the same: they have not yet been licensed everywhere. You shouldn’t be discouraged by the fact that your country is not among the few selected to work with these fabulous bookmakers. You can apply your newly gained knowledge about the VPN software in these cases as well and play all you want from all over the world.