Megapari Mobile App Download & Installation Guide (2024)

Megapari is a classical international bookmaker with a significant impact on the global betting community. These days, it gathers players from all around the world. They are allowed to access the platform full of sports events and casino games via any device.

Megapari App Download Android and iOS

Apart from a standard computer and laptop, users can now enjoy the enormous selecting of betting features in the Megapari app and mobile website. We have spent some decent type to review the operator’s mobile version. We can conclude that it’s reliable, modern and in correspondence with all the latest gambling standards on the internet.

Don’t hesitate to read this Megapari app review till its end. In the following few paragraphs, find out how to play games and place sports bets via your smartphone or tablet.

Is there a mobile Megapari app or website?

Megapari satisfies all its mobile users at total value. With its sophisticated mobile service, the operator has straightened its position as one of the leaders in sports bets and casino games on the go. The company has released a top-notched set of several platforms mobile users can choose from:

Megapari mobile app or website

⦿   Mobile Android App for numerous smartphones and tablets regardless of their brands, date of release and screen sizes

⦿   Mobile iOS App for iPhones and iPads

⦿   Mobile website version for absolutely all types of mobile devices

How much is the Megapari App?

Whether you use any of the native apps or the Megapari web-based application, you will not have to pay anything. The operator’s mobile service is 100% free of charge.

You don’t owe either a one-time payment fee or any paid subscription plan to enjoy betting on the go. None of the mobile apps has a price. This is a great way for the company to embrace even more customers on its system and for the punters to experience its full assortment of offers, products, features and games.

Is Megapari app Safe?

Megapari app is safe. We claim this for all mobile software products. The mobile website is identical to the desktop website. This means that both use the same license the official international authorities provided to regulate this bookmaker.

Is the Megapari Android and iOS app safe?

The Android, as well as the iOS native app, are safe, too. They work under the same official license Megapari has acquired to operate globally.

What is the Betting Experience with Mega Pari App?

Last but not least, our experience with the bookie’s applications has confirmed that there is nothing risky or concerning about using them 24/7. We must say that the Megapari app is reliable and safe. It has a very fast speed. There’s no chance for your slot to suddenly get suspended or to lose something from your bet slip. Bugs are very rare. With a reliable internet connection, you will have a faultless mobile betting experience with the Megapari app.

Download Megapari App Android

To bet on sports and play casino games on the go with an Android device, you will have to download the native Megapari app. This is not a difficult task at all. Besides, we have made a detailed guide for you. Use it to successfully add the bookmaker to your mobile phone:

Megapari Mobile App for Android

1.      Make sure you have a reliable internet connection on your mobile device before you download Megapari Add for Android

2.      Go to your device security settings

3.      Make the following change – enable the download via unknown sources. This change is necessary as you cannot find the Android Megapari apk file in the Google Play Store

4.      Open the mobile Megapari website via your device browser

5.      Find the operator’s app download icon and press on it

6.      Wait up to a minute while the download Megapari app process finishes

Technical requirements for Android Download Megapari App

To get the Android Megapari mobile app, your device should meet a couple of technical requirements. If it doesn’t, you cannot use the application. Here’s the list with the Android app minimum system requirements:

⦿   Your tablet or smartphone must run on Android 5.0 version (or newer OS version)

⦿   You should have at least 46 MB of free disk space in your device

⦿   The list of supported Android devices is pretty extensive. And within it, you will meet both – many old phones and tablets, as well as all new smartphones such as the Samsung S20 Plus, the Huawei P40 Pro, the Sony Xperia 1 Mk II, the OnePlus 8 Pro, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G and many more.

Install Megapari app for Android devices

Usually, once an app is downloaded, the installation process starts automatically. However, this is something that won’t happen when you try to get the Android Megapari mobile app. It is because the Megapari apk download file is available not in the Google Play Store but in a different source. As a result of these, you must perform a couple of other tasks to activate and finish the installation process. Here’s one more guide for this purpose:

1.      Go to your mobile device folder called Downloads (when you download Megapari apk it will be automatically stored there by default)

2.      Find the smartphone app apk Android file

3.      Touch it with your finger to activate the installation process

4.      The installation will finish in a minute or two

5.      Make sure that everything has gone smoothly, and check if the mobile Megapari app is now on your device home screen.


iOS Megapari Mobile App Download

iPhone and iPad users should download the Megapari nativeapp, which was developed especially for the iOS mobile operating system. If they go through the procedure above, they will not receive the chance to play casino games or place sports bets on the go.

Megapari Mobile App for iOS

Unlike Android users, though, iOS customers are simplified when the time to download the Megapari app comes. Many of the actions Android players should perform are not any Apple user’s obligations. It is because the iOS Megapari native app apk file is placed in the official Store for Apple apps.

Yet, since this is detailed and helpful mainly for the newbies in the Megapari app review, we are obliged to provide decent download guides for iPhone and iPad users, too. Here’s what they have to do to get the operator’s native app for iOS devices:

1.      Get your iPhone or iPad, and make sure you have internet connection

2.      Visit the Apple App Store

3.      Attention: on the Megapari website mobile version App for Android and ios devices, there’s a button that opens the the Store of Apple apps, too

4.      If you decide to directly open the Apple App Store, you must search the Megapari mobile app via the search field.

5.      Conversely, if you click on the mobile website app button, you will appear on the Megapari app particular page in the Apple Store for apps.

6.      In both cases, you should click on the Download process.

7.      It takes up to 1 minute.

Minimum System Requirements for iOS Megapari Mobile App
While you are on the Apple Store official page for Megapari app for iOS , you can view all the technical requirements. Your device is supposed to meet them. Otherwise, the installation will not be successful. Here’s the list of the minimum system requirements:

⦿   You should have an iPhone or an iPad, including iPhone SE, iPad mini, iPad air and you name it

⦿   The device should run on iOS 9.00 or a newer iOS version

⦿   You can install the Megapari app for iOS only on devices with at least 50 MB of free disk space

Install the Mega pari App for Apple Devices
Here’s one more difference between the installation process of the two Android and iOS Megapari Mobile Application Plarforms. While Android device users are supposed to activate the installation, iOS users – aren’t.

The thing is that to install the Megapari apk for iOS devices, you don’t actually have to do anything. Your job is done once you click on the Download button in the App Store.

As soon as the download process is completed, the mobile application installation begins automatically. The download and installation won’t take more than 3 minutes.


When to update the Mega pari App?

The Megapari app works perfectly well until it gets out of date. If you eventually experience some delays or bugs, the most probable reason for them is the necessity of an update.

When to update the Mega pari App?

Similarly to any other mobile app, the Megapari app requires updates once in a while. The good news is that the operator will remind you to do so when a new version or some changes in the system are out.

To update Megapari app is an easy task. Here’s what you have to do:

1.      Open the software and go through the Megapari mobile app login standard process

2.      Once the message for a request to update Megapari app appears on your screen, do it as soon as possible

3.      You might receive some exceptional guides from the operator about the process

4.      If you don’t, simply click the update button and wait for the process to complete

5.      Do not forget to restart the smartphone mobile app

6.      It’s good to restart your device, too

Mobile Megapari Website Version

Whether you don’t like native apps, can’t meet the set of technical requirements to install any smartphone app, or just use a device that runs on a different than Android and iOS mobile operating system, you get at your disposal another software to consider. You can count on the web-based app to place mobile bets and play casino games on the go.

Mobile Megapari Website Version

The web-based app is nothing else but the standard mobile version of the official Megapari website. For instance, when you access it, you will see the same casino games, betting markets, the same sports events or sports fantasy leagues, virtual sports betting, bingo sessions and even an identical first registration promo or bonus code offers.

Mega Pari Desktop VS Mobile Page

The only differences between the desktop and Megapari mobile versions are in their codes. Basically, you will not see but only experience. Thus, the mobile site automatically adjusts to your concrete device screen size to show you at a good display all the sports and casino games.

What browser to use for Megapari mobile site?

The web-based betting apps are always accessible via a mobile browser. So is the web-based Megapari bet app. It’s up to you what software you will use to log in to your Megapari mobile app account or to create one if you are not an official user yet.

You can use any of these mobile browser options:

⦿   Firefox

⦿   Google Chrome

⦿   Safari

⦿   Internet Explorer

⦿   Opera

⦿   Samsung Internet

⦿   And any other you prefer

How to add the Megapari mobile version to my home screen?

One of the biggest Megapari app pros is the faster access. Indeed, the players who native betting apps can skip the long-lasting set of procedures (opening the browser, typing the concrete URL, searching for the correct link, and you name it).

As a matter of fact, even if you prefer (or can only use) the browser version, you can access your Megapari account faster. For this purpose, all you have to do is to add the Megapari version for phonles to your home screen. Once you do it, you will see the Megapari icon on your home screen. With one click on it, you will always appear on the mobile version from now on. Here’s what to do to make a shortcut to your account balance:

1.      Open your most preferred browser.

2.      Type the operator’s website URL.

3.      You can also type only the operator’s brand name and visit the first link.

4.      Now go to your browser settings.

5.      Choose the option “Add to home screen”.

6.      Confirm you want to add the website to your device's home screen.

7.      Close the browser and go to your home screen to make sure you have done everything the right way.

Megapari App Mobile Welcome Bonus

Many punters might expect a welcome bonus once they open an account on the website. Indeed, there’s such, and if you use a unique promo code, you might even get a higher profit.

Megapari App Mobile Welcome Bonus

However, if you start using the Megapari Android App or iOS Megapari Application for the first time, you will not get another welcome offer. It is because by switching from desktop to mobile mode, you don’t become a new website customer. Like all of its competitors, Megapari doesn’t require punters to make new accounts to play mobile casino games in case they have already registered in the desktop version. Though, if you haven’t registered in this bookmaker and do it via its mobile application, you will qualify for its new player offer. Concretely, you will get a 130% deposit bonus of up to 200 CAD (136 EUR) to place bets.

Megapari Mobile Website Overview

It doesn’t matter if you install any Megapari apk file or if you will use your mobile device browser to access this bookmaker. In all cases you get the same assortment of options for sports betting and gambling. The desktop and the mobile selections of services are 100% identical.

Megapari Mobile Website

Megapari App sports betting

You can place bets on the go with Megapari with no limits. Absolutely all sports events taken from dozens of different disciplines (soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, table tennis, volleyball, MMA, and you name it) are accessible via all the Megapari mobile apps – Android, iOS and the web-based app.

It’s great to see that all the special functions in the desktop platform are transferred to the Megapari apps. On your iOS device or Android tablet, you can close your bet fully or partially via the Cash Out function, watch sports events in real time through the Live streaming function and even participate in the modern betting exchange market.

Megapari App virtual sports

Apart from the traditional sports single, multiple and system bets, you can also place bets in real time via the live betting section or test the virtual sports betting category. The markets, odds and bet types are identical within this category, but the events are not real. They are computer animations that last for up to 5 minutes. We strongly recommend you to place bets in the virtual cricket betting section as Megapari doesn’t provide only soccer bets we are used to seeing in most bookmakers nowadays.

Mobile online casino games

In the Megapari casino app, you will not find a limited number of products. On the contrary, the platform offers the same online casino games you can see on the desktop website. This means that when you install the Megapari app, you can play slots on the go and test the live dealer section. Absolutely all of the extra gambling offers by the bookmaker are available for mobile mode, too:

⦿   Number games

⦿   Scratch cards

⦿   Jackpot tournaments

⦿   Live TV show programs

⦿   Bingo games

⦿   Tote games

⦿   Other games such as Aviator, dices, Keno, and you name it

Megapari App Mobile Administrative Options

While you are on your mobile phone, you can register, use a promo code, and deposit in Megapari. You can claim for a withdrawal, too, but similarly to a desktop, any mobile account should be verified first to get such a chance.

All the administrative processes in the Megapari app are identical as procedures to those you can perform on the desktop website. You don’t have to worry about adding your financial information when you make a payment via a mobile phone at all. The operator has listed only secured and reliable deposit and withdrawal systems and an on-site SSL encryption system. Thus, your transactions become safe.

Megapari Mobile Pros and Cons

If you still wonder whether to use the Megapari app, you might use some help from our experts right now. After making a comprehensive overview of the applications and the browser website, they have come to a final list of pros and cons. Check them out to consider whether the Megapari app is worth it to be used or if it’s better to use the desktop sports betting website.

Megapari App Mobile Site Pros

⦿   There are apps for the most popular mobile operating system – Android and iOS

⦿   A universal mobile version is made to suit any user’s preferences and concretely possessed form

⦿   Every Megapari app is free of charge

⦿   Every Megapari mobile app runs fast, with no delays or bugs

⦿   The technical requirements for the Megapari app for Android and the Megapari App for iOS are not demanding to be met

⦿   Every Megapari App offers the same sports betting markets and casino titles, services and functions

⦿   There’s a welcome bonus for every new player, including those registered via the Megapari app  

⦿   You can shorten your access to the web-based app account through the procedure “Add to home screen”

Megapari Smartphone App and Mobile Site Cons

⦿   Not every Android/iOS player can meet the Megapari app technical requirements

⦿   Mobile version users don’t get live notifications typical in native sports betting apps

⦿   There’s no specially tailored promo code designed especially for mobile users

What to do in case of problems with Apps for Mega Pari?

Technical problems with the applications Megapari are possible. Sometimes they start from the very beginning – when you have to install and download the concrete apk file. We, though, that you will find any difficulties in these processes if you follow our guides from the above. Make sure to read them carefully several times, especially if you have never installed a betting app on your smartphone or tablet before.

Do not hesitate to follow the chronology of the provided Megapari app screenshots below each important step. If you don’t know what button to press, where to make some changes in your settings, the images will give you a clearer idea. Read the guides and watch the screenshots and it will take you less than a couple of minutes to finish the entire process. Regardless of what your phone is and how exactly you want to participate in this operator’s betting services.

However, although rarely, some players claim that besides following our installation guides, they yet find difficulties in performing them. If this happens to you, it’s highly possible for some technical issue to be available whether on the operator’s website or its application. The good news is that Mega pari is a very reliable operator and when such an issue appears, it’s always a temporary problem, because the development team handles it as soon as possible.

Last but not least, as a mobile user you are allowed to use the MegaPari customer support service. You can contact the understanding and kind support team and ask a question or require for a fast problem solving. It doesn't matter what your case is, they employees will quickly handle it. Solve your problem quickly via any of the following communication methods:

⦿   Standard support email: [email protected]

⦿   Security support email: [email protected]

⦿   Live chat – available 24/7




You can download the Megapari app for Android via the company’s official mobile version. Before that, don’t forget to enable the download process via unknown sources.
When you download Megapari app for Android smartphone or tablet, the apk file will be automatically saved in your device folder Downloads.
The iOS app is free of charge. So is the Android version or web-based Megapari sports betting app.
You probably don’t meet the minimum set of technical requirements. Your iPhone or iPad should run on 9.00 iOS or a newer version. In addition to this, you should have at least 50 MB of free disk space.
If you want to login your Megapari account in a faster way while using the web-based app, add the website to your home screen. This is possible via your browser settings. You should choose the option “Add to home screen”. Now you can reach the mobile sports and casino games faster than before.
The mobile users get the same Megapari welcome offer as the desktop players receive. It’s a 100% deposit bonus, but you can get an extra 30% cash prize using a unique promo code.
Yes, it is. The Android version, the iOS and the web-based apps are 100% safe. More specifically, all the Megapari mobile platforms are secure, reliable and very fast. They all operate under the same license reported at the bottom of the company’s desktop page.
There is no difference between the Megapari desktop and mobile deposit. By the way, the payment methods are absolutely the same, too. Concretely, in this mobile bookie, you can transfer money to your playing account via cryptocurrencies, Pay4Fun, Visa or Mastercard, Perfect Money, ecoPayz, ePay and many more popular systems.
Open your app and add go through the Megapari app login procedure by entering your password and user name. Then, visit the enormous sports program. Select a sports event and bet type, add the amount, and confirm that you want to place it. You will see your prediction in the bet slip. Remember that when you use a mobile phone, the bet slip will not be on your right side but will pop up from the bottom of your screen.
If you do not update your Megapari sports app on time, you will experience techncial issues such as bugs and delays.