Aston Villa will be monitoring the vaccination status of its transfer targets

Aston Villa

Aston Villa will be  monitoring the vaccination status of its transfer targets in January. This was stated by team manager Steven Gerrard. Last week, 42 ​​cases of coronavirus were registered in the Premier League, and two games have already been postponed for this reason - Brighton against Tottenham and Brentford against Manchester United. There are also patients in Aston Villa, although their number is limited.

"I am really impressed with the work of the sports director Johan Lange and the team around him, who follow even the smallest details of the players we have identified," said Gerard. "We are watching everything and I am sure that the vaccination status will also be taken into account. Yes, if we find the right person, our final decision will not be based on whether he is vaccinated or not, but this is a question that will certainly be discussed during the negotiations ", commented the new mentor of Birmingham.

Aston Villa are ranked 13th in the Premier League standings and later today are the last in the standings Norwich.
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