Joseph Parker defeats Chisora in rematch for WBO intercontinental title

Joseph Parker defeats Chisora

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Joseph Parker also won a rematch against Britain's Derek Chisora, successfully defending his WBO intercontinental title.

For the New Zealander, this was the 30th success in the professional ring against only two losses, while Chisora's balance is far worse - 32-12. For the 37-year-old Englishman, born in Zimbabwe, this was the third consecutive defeat.

In the AO Arena in Manchester Parker, Parker was definitely the better of the two boxers after he managed to knock down his opponent three times.

This happened in the fourth, seventh and eighth rounds, and in the first two cases Chisora ​​even tried to fight back by shaking Parker.

After the third knockdown, however, the Briton already looked too tired to seek victory, and so it was awarded to Joseph Parker after a unanimous judge's unanimity.
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