McLaren described the 2021 season as a success

  • 2022-01-15 13:24:44

McLaren CEO Zach Brown said that the 2021 Formula One season was very successful for the Woking-based team, although it dropped one position in the 2020 design championship.

During the last campaign, the British team continued to demonstrate its progress and even reached its first victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2012, when the new addition to the team Daniel Ricardo triumphed in the Italian Grand Prix. The triumph for McLaren was even sweeter, as Lando Norris finished second at Monza, making the British team the only team to record a double victory this season.


Despite this victory and the rest of Norris' podiums, McLaren had managed to fight Ferrari for third place in the constructors, which was won by Norris and his former teammate Carlos Sainz in 2020. However, Brown considers the 2021 season "successful" because the team has achieved its great goal, namely to bridge the gap with the leaders.

"This year we wanted to get closer to the leaders and we did. We won more points on average per competition than last year, we had more podiums, the double victory and Monza and the pole position in Russia. Unfortunately, we dropped to fourth place. This shows how competitive this sport is.

"Our pit stops were better. Everything we set as a goal at the beginning of the season was achieved, except for the ranking of the constructors. "I think we need to make this year a success and continue to build on our way forward and possibly fight for titles in the coming years," Brown said.
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