Mercedes has revealed the new rules for the 2022 season in F1

  • 2022-02-05 14:21:57
Mercedes - Formula1

According to the Mercedes team, the biggest change in the sports and technical regulations in Formula 1 before the 2022 season is not related to aerodynamics.

According to the head of the division responsible for the development of the propulsion system of the "Silver Arrows", Hiwell Thomas will have a greater effect on the performance of various cars will have a change in fuel mixtures. From this year, they will necessarily include 10% ethanol, which is 5% more than in 2021.

"As every year, when we develop fuels, we work with our partner to make sure we have the best fuel. In my opinion, the transition to E10 fuels is the biggest change since the beginning of the turbo-hybrid era in 2014.

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"It was a big challenge to develop our fuels, through tests in one cylinder, to those in the six-cylinder unit, we should not underestimate the amount of work done," said Thomas.

"Since the beginning of the turbo-hybrid era, fuels have had a bio-component. Until now, it was 5.75% of the fuel volume. This year this percentage increases to 10. In addition, we do not have a free choice of bio-component, it must be ethanol.

"This means that the engine will react differently to fuel. We have elements of the presentation that we are very happy with, but also those that we are not very happy with. To address this, we will make the necessary adjustments, trying to keep the elements we are happy with, "added Thomas.
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