Rollbit Bonuses (2024) Promotions for Casino and Sports


Rollbit is a crypto based online betting platform that started operating not so long ago, back in 2020. It has already gathered huge client base of loyal players that are enjoying the advantages of this provider every day. Rollbit is fully safe and legal platform, operated and owned by Bull Gaming N.V., and obtained the required licenses by Curacao. To all its clients, Rollbit offers great portfolio with casino games, many sports available for betting and much more. 

In today’s review, we will tell you more about Rollbit Bonuses. After all, the promotions are the most important part for a betting provider to be attractive. Rollbit offers great Bonuses for both new and loyal players, high-quality customer support and much more. We will also provide you with completely honest opinion about Rollbit, as well as the answers of the most frequently asked questions.


 Rollbit Welcome Bonuses

Rollbit is a betting provider that offers pretty strange Bonus system – a system that we are not used to see often. You do not need a Promo code to access the Rollbit bonus system. This means that there are no some specific welcome bonuses for the players. All clients can take advantage of great offers, but they are not divided as welcome offers and other ones. The selection of Bonuses is not so diverse, but it is good enough for all clients to have great experience and receive a push into their betting journey. However, there are some pretty interesting promotions, and we are about to tell you more about these in today’s article.


 Rollbit Bonus Balances

As a player at Rollbit, you will have to know more about Rollbit Bonus Balances.  Every player has bonus balance credited to his account, and it can be activated by entering and depositing an amount. To complete and receive it, you will have to wager the balance 5 times. Once it has been wagered it will be transferred to your main balance. What if you fail wagering the bonus? Then you can close it and activate later. 

 These Bonus Balances can be received by different ways, and this includes winning the lottery as a team, depositing and NFT that comes with specific bonuses, or winning a competition in the website, or even a discord giveaway. Keep in mind that Rollbit bonus balances are available only for casino games.


 Rollbit Casino and Sports Promotions

As we already mentioned, every player can take advantage of some pretty interesting bonuses and we will tell you more about these. They are different than what we are all used to see, but they are pretty good and can give you great push in your gambling experience. Here is more information:

 Rakeback Bonus

For every casino game there is a house edge available. All players can take a rakeback of 10%, which is great. This means that on every bed you will get 10% off the house edge back to your account. There are great changes coming all the time, and one of them is that the rakeback and rollback can now be claimed for every 30 minutes, and 50% of the rakeback is available instantly. 

 Level and Rank Up Bonuses

All players can also achieve special levels and become VIP players at specific moments.  There are different level, and for every level you reach, you will receive 12.5% of the house edge for the wagering required to get there. 

 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cashback

All clients receive specific percent of the house edge back every day, every week and every month. In total this gets to a specific percentage and bet back. This is great since it can give you a chance to win pretty much, or at least to minimize your loses. 

 Bonus Battles Promotion

The bonus battle is a way of pitting the clients in a tournament. Two or more of them do a bonus buy on specific game, and the person who has made bigger bonus buy takes all. Furthermore, in the event of a draw, a random player will be also chosen. It is easy to join a battle – all you need to do is to go to bonus battles page and join one of the games that are available for you. This promotion is different than  what we are used to see in most casinos, and it is pretty interesting, so you may have great winnings thanks to it.


 Rollbit Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

As we already mentioned, Rollbit is a crypto based online betting provider, which means that all deposits and withdrawals can be done in different cryptocurrencies. There are no other methods at the moment, which may be seen as disadvantage by some people, but keep in mind that transactions made with crypto are much more secure, faster and cheaper. There are no taxes applied by the provider, but sometimes there may be taxes for the exchange of money. All payment requests are being processed immediately, and the deposits usually arrive within minutes. However, withdrawals may take a little longer.

The payment methods available at Rollbit are:

- Bitcoin
- Ethereum
- Litecoin
- Solana
- NFTs – Rollbit offers Rollbots – a NFT project that can supercharge your rewards.


 Rollbit Customer Support

Rollbit offers good customer service and if you ever have a problem or another kind of an issue – do not hesitate to contact the support of this website. You can do so by using the live chat option or by sending a mail. Both options are good and will get you in touch with reliable person that will answer any questions you have, and do all that is needed to resolve the issue you have.

If you don’t feel like you want to communicate with the customer service, you can always go through the section of frequently asked questions, there you will see the answers of some of the main questions asked about Rollbit. It is likely that you will find answers to your questions there.



As a conclusion, we would like to share our completely honest opinion on Rollbit. We believe that this provider offers a variety of great features to all the players. There is huge availability of Casino Games, there are many options for sports betting, and of course – pretty attractive Bonuses and Promotions not only for new players, but also for loyal ones. As a crypto based casino, there are no other methods for payment besides crypto, which is not very good, but acceptable. 

We also loved the fact that Rollbit has its own NFTs, so every person can easily buy these and bet in their website. In addition, the customer support is also great and can resolve any issue that has appeared in the website. Overall, Rollbit is great bookmaker for these people that want to deposit and withdraw crypto, both for desktop and Mobile version.




No, there is no specific welcome bonus available for the players at Rollbit. However, there are many other promotions.
Yes, there is a rakeback available for any casino game that has house edge. The rakeback is 10% of the house edge.
If you ever have a problem with anything it Rollbit – do not panic, all you need to do is to contact the customer support and ask for help. This can be done by mail or live chat. They are reliable and will help you.
Yes, Rollbit is a crypt-based casino, so you can make deposits with cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is one of the supported cryptos.
Yes, Rollbit is fully legitimate betting platform that has obtained all needed licenses to function.