Stake Plinko Game + Promo code for TOP Bonus (2024)

Stake Plinko Game

Plinko is one captivating game that punters from all around the globe love. Stake Plinko game is one of the ultimate best options you have if you want to play.

Why? Because it offers amazing experience, great bonuses, and last but not least - it is one of the best online casinos available in 2024. But let's tell you more!

Stake Plinko Game - All You need to Know

The plinko game at is one of the most popular casino games at this online casino. Its main goal is to evoke a high level of excitement just as the show does, however, with a modern spin added. 

When play at Stake, you will see a board filled with different pins. At the bottom of the screen you will see multiple slots each of which having its own payout value. 

This casino game has modern design and promises intuitive gambling experience. Of course, as always, there is a risk, as in any other casino game you may be enjoying at Stake casino or another site. 

Plinko at stake is a game of chance - you have to be prepared for the best results and high potential winnings, however, casino players should consider the risk level and the potential loses. 

Stake Plinko Features

Stake Plinko Features

When it comes to special features at Stake casino Plinko game, we have good news. The RTP percentage is very high, reaching 98%, which makes the losing streak pretty low. 

There are other features when playing that make the experience even better for both new and experienced casino players. Now, let's check the main game mechanics and features when it comes to this at Stake casino:

 ⦿     Rows - you have the option to choose between 8 and 16 rows when it comes to the game. The more rows will give you more pins, resulting in altering the payouts. With the more rows you have larger payouts chances, but still -  Stake is a game of chance!

 ⦿     Risk level - when you play plinko at Stake casino, you can choose the risk level, which is one of the best features at this game. You can go for low risk level, medium risk level, or high level. Basically, you can determine the volatility of the payouts. If you choose the high risk level, keep in mind that the multiplier options will range between 0.2x to 1000x your bet, leading to very high potential payout at the game. 

Stake Plinko Payout System

Stake Plinko Payout Method

Before you begin your Plinko Stake journey, you need to know more about the payout system. Happily, our Plinko guide will cover this information too. The payout system is not difficult - the slot in which the ball lands will determine the payouts. Basically, the board determines the payout you are about to get at this game. 

Each slot has its own multiplier that will multiply your bet if the ball falls into this specific slot. 

You can also choose the risk level which will have effect over the available multipliers. if you want to play high roller plinko at Stake, then you better go for higher risk.

How to Play Plinko at Stake?

How to Play Plinko at Stake?

It is not difficult to play Plinko at Stake. All you need to do is to follow the steps we have here for you in our plinko guide:

 1.     Open an account at, or if you already have one - log in to your account

 2.     Find Plinko by Stake game and start it

 3.     Decide on the amount you are willing to bet. To do so - select a bet amount that is good for your gaming strategy and level of comfort. 

 4.     After you have set your bet - choose the number of the pins on the board. This decision is essential for the outcome of the game and where the ball lands. 

 5.     Release the ball and watch it how it goes through the pins

 6.     Once the ball ends at one of the slot places - you will see your payout.

Why Playing Plinko at Stake?

Why Playing Plinko at Stake

There are a few reasons why plinko at Stake is just one great decision:

 ⦿     Great casino - Stake is one amazing site that offers wide selection of options for playing plinko and other games. 

 ⦿     High roller option - you can play high roller games at Stake. You can place high bet and you can fully control your bankroll. 

 ⦿     Responsible gambling - we have to note - Stake does focus on responsible gambling and If you ever have a gambling issue - you can always contact the support and you will get the help you need in the additional window.

 ⦿     High quality of the game - Plinko at Stake is one high quality game you can play! It offers a lot of slots with interesting multiplier each slot. It also sues high-quality graphics and gives you a chance to win a lot of money.

Tips & Strategy for Playing Stake Plinko

Strategy for Playing Stake Plinko

When it comes to good strategies, in our Plinko guide you are about to found a few. Still, you should always be careful especially when it comes to larger payouts at the game. 

Set Limits on Loses 

The first plinko strategy we are about to tell you is to always set the limits on the bet you can place and the loses you can have. If you see that you are reaching those limits of your bankroll and you are not winning, then you should follow your stategy and stop placing bets. 

Avoid chasing losses

The second best plinko strategy we have for you is to never chase loses. This is one of the best strategies when it comes to betting. You will never win all the time, sometimes you are about to lose. And if you lose - stop placing bets and better stop the game. 

Play the free version of the game 

As a part of your plinko strategy - you should play the free version of the games. Check the bets, see how the ball falls, enjoy a bit betting experience. You will not win, but you will built betting strategies for better success.

Stake Welcome Bonus Offers & Bonus Code

At you are about to grab a lot of Bonus offers, which is one of the main reasons why players love this casino site. If you are a fan of betting and winning, then you better check the TOP bonuses at Stake!

Stake promo code - Welcome Offers

They all require a Special Promo Code but more about the promo codes can be seen in the table below. Our table covers the bonus offers at Stake which can boost your gaming experience at Stake. 

Let's check the best bonus offers: 

 ⦿     Stake Sports Bonus - 200% up to $2000 bonus with bonus code - BETHAP

 ⦿ Casino Bonus - 200% up to $2000 bonus offer with bonus code - BETHAP

 ⦿     Stake.US Bonus Drop Code - 10% Rakeback bonus with our bonus code - BETHAP

 ⦿     Stake.US No Deposit Bonus - $25 and 250 000 Coins with our bonus code - NODHAP

 ⦿     Stake BTC Bonus - 200% deposit bonus with our bonus code - BETHAP

As you can see, there are different bonus offers depending on your location - if you are located in US, you can grab two special bonus offers with our promo codes. However, if you are located in another country and you use the website, you can grab the other bonus offers. 

If you are a fan of sports - the Stake sports bonus is the best one for you. However, if you are a fan of Plinko casino games, you should go for the Stake casino bonus offers. 

The casino bonus offers are very good and will surely boost your experience. We can say that each Stake casino bonus is amazing and will lead to great betting experience. 

Still, each Stake casino bonus has its own wagering requirements which you should check, as any other casino bonus. In fact, we would also advise you to always implement the casino bonus in your best plinko strategy.

To grab the bonus you want, you can use the following link!

Final Thoughts

In order to write this review, we spent a lot of time on articles related and further reviews, we tested the game and we shared with you our experience. Plinko at Stake is amazing option and as further reviews say - it is surely worth the hype.

You can place high bets, you can enjoy great graphics and you can win a lot. There are many articles related but you will surely get the best experience.




Yes, you can use our bonus code BETHAP to use the Stake casino bonus you want for better experience at the casino games.
This is a game of luck, so winning is never 100% ensured. Still you can go for the best plinko strategy for you in order to bet and win.
This game has high RTP of 98%, which makes it good betting option for your bankroll. Still - it depends on your bet and where the ball will fall.
Yes, this game is completely safe and you have nothing to worry about when you play.
Yes, you need an account at Stake to play games. Happily, it does not take long to open one.