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Bet9ja Casino


This recent bookmaker came into existence in 2013. You will come upon no relevant complaints about Bet9ja Casino. It’s not a bad wagering website. However, players from all countries with the exception of Nigeria are restricted – that means you have to be a resident of Nigeria and of legal age in order to play. As an online casino, Bet9ja is suitable for gamers, who are comfortable lacking the pomp and show of physical Casino Halls. Online gamers can have fun in a casino at any given time of the day – be it on Wednesday before sunrise, while in physical casinos gambling is a mostly a nightly pleasure.

 Bet9ja Slots

Online slots are becoming rather popular with smartphone users – they provide such a pleasant pastime, while you are waiting for something else to happen. There is no impressive range of slot games offered by the bookmaker company. They have around 20 slot machines, such as Africa Wild, Old West, and One Night in Vegas, Pirate Island, and House of Dracula. They are for players a bit old-fashioned. They are not incredibly advanced in the interface and you can only win big jackpots if you place substantial bets.


 Table Games

The bookmaker company is focused on sports and therefore, there is no huge selection of casino games. The casino games they offer are provided by the companies Logispin, Ezugi, Betgames, Evolution Gaming. Among the games that the bookmaker has to offer is Punto Banco. This is a card game that’s all about sheer luck – you play against the bank. The player and the banker are each dealt two cards – the side whose sum of card values is closer to 9 is the winner.

Table Games

Gamblers can bet their money on either the banker or the player. Other table games include Lucky Dice, Red Dog, and Sette e Mezzo.  Unlike the most popular games – those have demos available for the unregistered visitors of the website.



Famous also as 21 – Blackjack is among the most popular casino games the world knows – the player competes with the dealer. It’s good to know the rules of the house before the game begins. Even though it is a game of chance, there is still a science to it. Therefore the best Blackjack players approach this casino game with complete confidence. They are winning players and can make a fortune doing this.



Baccarat (the French variant) or Baccara (The Italian version) means “zero.” The game was introduced to France during the reign of King Charles VIII. In 1959 the game was brought in Las Vegas. Since then it has been a royal pleasure open for everyone who ventures near casino tables – only you are supposed to be dressed for the occasion. Bet9ja Casino caters the game to you, as you are comfortably seated in front of your personal computer. You don't need to doll up, all you need is some good luck because it is purely and essentially a guessing game. There is an approach to playing Baccarat as well, but there is by no means a warranty that the said methods will help you win and make substantial profits. In reality, the game of Baccarat is a game of relentless chaos and disorder, but it is still a game for smart players. If they can defeat the Gods of gambling, they will do very well, but still, it is very different from Texas Hold'em Poker – which is a game of skill. Luck comes and goes, but knowledge remains with us forever.



Among the best-beloved Casino games is no doubt the Roulette – played by 24% of the online Casino guests. Every virtual casino comes with its own variations of the game. In order to get access to the live roulette with Bet9ja – you will need to register and fill in your complete details. The virtual Roulette, however, has got the “play for fun” mode – where you can try your luck without betting actual money. So you can basically try your strategy with the Roulette even before you decide to register or not on the website.


Live Dealer Games – Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat

 Live Dealer Games

The live croupiers follow the proper casino etiquette. In live Blackjack, for instance, there is a code of hand signals that help you communicate with the dealer. The live games are rather pleasant, flashy and engaging and they are not only for the rich and the famous.  You do not need to be able to bluff when you play with Bet9ja. You cannot become tired and stiff from sitting too long – you are after all in your home and you can take a break any time.

In order to not lack anything from the physical game experience – you may prepare cocktails and other liquid refreshments – such as Jackpot (Margarita), Face Card (Malibu and Pineapple Juice), Snake Eyes (Apple Martini).


 TV Games

Among the TV Games, there are games with dice, a wheel of fortune and in addition to those - you can bet on Poker and Baccarat. Gambling is not something safe to do. You cannot play without risking a penny. You have to commit to not spend on gambling money you cannot afford to lose. Despite its risks, online gaming is a craze – its yearly revenues amount to $10 billion. Why? People all over the world are wild about online gambling – simply because of its convenience. You can sip a latte in a small café, while you are gambling online. You don’t need to fly to Vegas for the privilege to empty your wallet. Bet9ja provides a genuine atmosphere of a traditional casino for the lovers of gambling experience. Especially the live games are truly high-level – they help you lose your money, while you are having a wonderful adventure. We all know this, still, most players look forward to getting really lucky and winning some amazing jackpot. They believe that one day they will be able to pass by their favorite pop star on the street and ask her to get into their cabriolet.

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