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  • 2020-03-26 19:29:52

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Everybody likes to enjoy the added rewards of bonuses and promotions to give their betting experience a little extra bang for their buck. 1xBet, a leading betting site knows that and is constantly looking for new ways for its visitors to enjoy prime betting opportunities with great promotions. Their latest promotion is no exception!

 The recently launched, 200% Boost bonus, will allow 1xGames visitors to double their reward when winning. All you have to do is register on, or log in to, 1xBet then go to their games section.  You will be delighted to find 100 unique games to play. By selecting any one of these great titles you will be in line to win, and if lucky, be a recipient of the 200% boost.

There is no need for complicated opting in process as the promotion is automatically applied to registered players at 1xBet. Enjoy your extra betting power on over 100 games that 1xBet has put together.  Active 1xBet players that go to the 1xGames section and make the minimum €1 deposit will qualify.

 Steps to follow to get the 200% Boost

- Log in or Register at 1xBet and fill in your personal details

- Confirm participation in the bonus offers in My Account section

- Play any game at 1xGames out of the 100 titles

- 1xBet will automatically select 10,000 winning bets that will get a 200% boost

 Once you have deposited the required €1 at 1xGames, you will be able to take part in the rewarding new promotion from 1xBet. You will earn the extra win immediately, and if you prefer, you are able to withdraw immediately.

 10 000 bets will be randomly selected as promotion winners. If you are one of the selected winning bets, 1xBet will send a message to you in the  My Account section of their site.

 If you want to be in line for a rewarding 200% boost to your wins make sure you register or log on to 1xBet immediately, deposit your €1, and get playing!

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