The big prize of 1xBet


What is the way to 1xBet’s big prize?

In order to win this prize, what you have to do is make accumulator bets. Higher odds give you right to more selections in the bet, and the more money you stake – the more chances you have got to win.

You are supposed to compete with all the other gamblers in order to find out who will get the most points in the course of a month.

If you win, here comes the prize fund.

For the first place – you get to choose between two gorgeous cars:

Dodge Viper SRT, or Mercedes Benz AMG GT

But there are other prizes, which include:

Second place – one of you will get a brand new iPhoneX

Third place – one of you will win Samsung GalaxyS9

Fourth to fifth place – you receive the opportunity to spin the Lucky Wheel a 100 of times.

Sixth to tenth place – you win 10,000 points.

What are the terms and the conditions?

First - You have to read them and accept them. This offer is valid from 00:00, January the 8th, 2018 to an unlimited period. You can take part in the promotional offer only if you are a registered customer. You have to place your accumulator bets before the match, and you have to wager at least €1.5. Every time your bet wins, you are given points. The points are calculated via the formula: (the number of the events in the bet * the odds) + the amount staked/100. Just one winning bet – the one which had most points is taken into account for each player.

Top players who have earned most points are shown on the leaderboard. This defines the results of the promotional offer. The more points you get – the higher you will rank. The end results are announced every month at midnight (UTC+3) on the first day.

Of course, if you want to be eligible, you have to bet your own, real money. Bets, which use your bonus funds (and all kinds of promotional codes) are not included, as well as bets, which have been refunded. The one who wins the main prize gets to choose one of these incredible cars 1xBet offers. Every month 1xBet gives its customer a new car, replacing the one, which the winner has chosen.

1xBet has got the right to change the terms of the offer, and stop or restart this promo. It has also got the right to refuse you to participate, without giving you a notice in advance. It is necessary that you provide identificational documents – to prove your identity to the bookmaker. Failure to do so per request will lead to the forfeit of all the customer’s winnings. At any time, the bookmaker may ask for your photo. If for any reason 1xBet has found that the company is the victim of money laundering or fraud, they have the right to shut down the customer’s account and freeze his balance, which remains.

Take part in the battle and Be a winner with 1xBet!


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