Lucky player wins over $2 million on a 44-event accumulator at 1xBet

 The man who won over $ 2 million in 1xBet

The man who won over $ 2 million in 1xBet

The tale of Ali Baba is a childhood favourite that details how a man discovered a cave full of treasure and took advantage of his good fortune. Many people dreamed of such an enriching experience. After all, we all love such fairy tales with beautiful endings.

In 2021, you don't have to ride a magic carpet and search for treasure in dark caves and summon magical powers - you can just place bets on the 1xBet website and win a fortune! That's precisely what happened to 44-year-old Mukhazhan, an Almaty resident. He started betting at 1xBet only recently, in 2019. The punter managed to predict an impressive forecast with incredible accuracy, and it's worth retelling his astonishing win in more detail.

The player placed wagers on the 1xBet website, one of the leading bookmakers worldwide, and staked a sizeable sum of 100 thousand tenge, approximately $238, on an accumulator bet with 44 events. Incredibly, Mukhazhan won and scooped up a great 876,682,300 tenge, which is equivalent to over $2 million! Such a seismic amount will undoubtedly encourage many others to bet at 1xBet and try for a huge payout.

“I bet exclusively on football. I myself am a football player - I am well versed in this sport. You have seen the result. I chose 1xBet due to the fact that they have freedom of choice in betting: For example, unlimited accumulator bets, high odds, plus the ability to bet on the same team in different tournaments. I like the freedom of choice; I think it's right, that's why I am with 1xBet.

I like big accumulator bets; if you win, then it's big. To be honest, I was nervous before the last matches. When there are 3-4 matches left, and you understand that such an outcome is possible, then willy-nilly, you start to get nervous. The last match was at night; I did not believe it right away. It seemed that this was not happening to me. I immediately woke up my wife, showed her what was occuring. The money was immediately credited to the gaming account - there was zero, and then the amount that you already know about was immediately received,” Mukhazhan commented.

At that time, one should note that he didn't select the highest odds for the accumulator - the largest was equal to 1.48. Most bets were on favourites for football games in the European competitions and the leading European championships. That consistent tactic can result in a very generous payout for the forecaster.

Mukhazhan said he would be spending the money on charity since his wife administers a volunteer movement for homeless animals in Almaty.

“I told her that if I ever win, the first thing we do is help those in need. Therefore, the joy was immeasurable. Assistance has already been provided in a certain amount - the debts of local veterinary clinics have been settled, this is a great joy. Not even the win, but the fact that they were able to help. People call - and they just cry from happiness, from the fact that this happened.

The sums are large - and not everyone is able to help that much. I am a businessman and do not need a car or real estate; I have everything because the decision was first like this. I believe that my gain was due to the fact that the main message was the desire to help those in need. And if the players come in with the thought that the winnings will not only be in their favour, but they will also share with someone, then this will be the secret of success,” Mukhazhan concluded.

The winner believes his success is down to a simple formula. However, everything finally came together as it should, and Kazakhstan now has a new dollar millionaire!

That wasn't the only time 1xBet players have won huge payouts. In 2020, another Almaty resident managed a payout prize of 9 million tenge at 1xBet. Nevertheless, the current record is an incredible 876 million tenge, and it's the biggest payout in Kazakhstan and CIS betting history.

Representatives of 1xBet mentioned that they are delighted to see Mukhazhan win since it confirms 1xBet's leading status as a world-class bookmaker. Make your dreams come true by playing at 1xBet!

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