Play the best pre-Halloween mystery games from 1xGames

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Play the best pre-Halloween mystery games from 1xGames!

1xBet is a perennial innovator in the betting industry, continually striving to thrill players with new experiences, exclusive offerings and innovative products. 1xGames is one such product that provides unrivaled entertainment. Every detail is considered when developing this section, while customers' requests are pandered to.

The 1xGames section contains everything a player could wish for, with over a hundred of exciting titles. There are card games, sports and board style games, the usual lottery games, and quests with plots that will take your breath away!

Halloween is just around the corner, and the ancient feast is shrouded in mystery. There are hundreds of spooky tales and mystical experiences associated with the festivities. You'll experience an intense Halloween atmosphere from your home while visiting the 1xGames, where you can discover a treasure trove of spooky games and thrilling adventures. Here are three of the spookiest games you can play.

Witch: Game of Thrones

The seven kingdoms await, with fierce dragons battling the King of the Night. The title fits the game perfectly and will resonate with the Game of Thrones cult fantasy epic fans. Your task is to defeat the mighty priestess of the Lord of Light, who can predict the future with her magical powers.

There are ten rows of 5 cells in the game, and each one contains poison or wine. The winning formula is straightforward. You'll need to find boxes with wine on all ten levels, and the higher your level, the more substantial your winnings. However, be careful of the poison boxes that are a sign of failure. Nevertheless, you can always recoup your winnings on any level.

Deluxe Cards

Have you ever thought of emulating a powerful and mysterious witch who has a way with cards? Then Deluxe Cards is your game.

The straightforward game sees nine cards revealed at the outset. Your objective to win is to get three, four, or five identical cards in hand to win. The face values and card suits will determine your winning odds, and there's also a fantastic bonus feature. It comprises a free spin for every three cards with identical face values you get. In addition, the deck used during the free spin adds the Joker, which can replace any other card during forming combinations.

Beat The Clown

Beat The Clown is for intuitive and crafty card players! You sit at a virtual table where your only task is to beat the dealer to attain victory. The crafty clown is your main antagonist, and he is often reincarnated during the Halloween festive celebrations.

There are 40 cards of different suits in total. Your opponent gets only one card, while you have between one and five, so it isn’t difficult to beat the dealer.

How can you win? You have to wager on every of your cards and supersede the value of the dealer's one. Every successful card doubles your initial stake, however, if your cards are all lower value than the dealer, you lose the game.

The 1xGames will help make your Halloween brighter and more memorable. Try the exclusive range of games and win with 1xBet!

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