1xbet - Bonus code: BETHAP - 100% Bonus up to 130 euro (2024)


Use this promo code:  BETHAP 
to get a bonus of up to 130 Euro
Do you know what the best thing about 1xBet is? Definitely – the bonus offers. 1xBet is comparatively more generous in free chances than the other betting companies, which attracts plenty of players to their services. 

1xbet bonus

Everybody loves free stuff, don’t you? You can find all of the offers listed in the Promo section of the website. They have really tried to encourage their customers and that makes them much more popular and fun. If you love free stuff, you are sure to love 1xBet, for almost the entire time you are eligible for some cool bonuses. You can have a wonderful time while playing the 1xBet Bonus Games listed below:

Your task is to reveal all the matching pairs and win great bonus points. 1xBet regularly offers worthy prizes to the keenest players. It’s a game without risk, but still plenty of fun.
For all the lucky players – get yourself a lottery ticket. You can select one from all the tickets on the virtual counter. To play and win you need to log in.
9 Treasury chests are watched over by a relentless guard. You may open one of them and find heaps of good fortune. Count on your luck and win big.
Do you want to open a secret safe with a surprise inside? Some of the safes are full of prizes. Take your luck with you and switch your points for free bets.
 Wheel of Fortune
It’s so popular! Try your luck and spin, and win! Wonderful gifts are on their way. Most addicted customers will receive additional points and spins.
 Daily Lottery
In this game, you can get yourself a lucky ticket with 6 winning digits and you shouldn't miss the chance. Next huge win may be yours!


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Bonuses and Offers

 1st Deposit Bonus
Upon registration, you may receive this bonus which amounts to up to €130.

Use this promo code:  BETHAP 
to get a bonus of up to 130 Euro

 Welcome Package
€1500+150 spins on the house. You need to fill in every detail in your account, including your phone number.

 Lucky Friday
Up to €100 can be yours every Friday. You have to make a deposit.

 X2Wednesday Promotion
Up to €100 for you-you have to participate in Lucky Friday.

Join 1xBet’s VIP Club and get some of your cash back on a regular basis.

 Ice Battle
If you bet on Ice Hockey you may win a brand new Honda NSX.

 TVbet Accumulator
If you wager every week, TVbet lets you win.

 Loyalty pays off
When you make your 10th deposit, you are eligible for a 50% bonus, as well as, up to 100 spins on the house.

 Chilling Adventures
When you spin certain slots you are racing for great bonuses.

You get rakeback  when you indulge in playing poker with 1xBet

 Jackpot time
You can win the jackpot with a hand of card combination.

These are the major bonuses, but in addition, you may enjoy more than thirty additional bonuses that are described in the same section. If you are interested in the offer, do not forget to check the bonus conditions.


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Promo Code Store

In order to be eligible to purchase a Promo Code from the store, you need to register and log in. What you can then do in the Promo Code Section is to exchange bonus points for placing free bets on any of the sporting events. Again, you have plenty of options to choose from.

E-sports Bonus Calendar

Every single day the company gives back a different percentage of your cash on a concrete event selected by the bookmaker. The company allows only one bonus per person.


 Treasure Riders
If you reach level 5 of this game you are eligible to receive some of the listed on the website prizes such as Sony PlayStation 4 PRO. You win points by playing various games – some of which like Plumber are free and require more than the average intelligence.

 Ticket to Summer
If you win this prize, you may get VIP tickets and accommodation for a trip to the Maldives. There are other wonderful prizes as well, such as a Samsung TV and iMac Pro. You may get an unlimited number of tickets.

 UEFA Champion’s League
You have to predict on a round of the elite competition. If you are lucky, you may win a gorgeous car - Aston Martin and other lovely high-tech prizes.

 Bets on Formula 1
Whenever you lose €7, you may spin for free in the game Formula 1. This is wonderful – you get encouraged and often by the house when you lose so that you don't feel so down – really a great bonus. 

 Accumulator Battle
The most active better this month wins a car! Or a trendy latest technology phone, which is also very attractive.

 Every Day Valuable Prizes
You may receive prizes for playing your beloved games. Placing bets collects points for you.

 Lucky Day
You draw the lucky 7-digit number and 500 promo points can be yours. You can indulge in this promotion every single day.

 Beat 1xBet
This bonus offer gives you the chance to delight in a bonus up to €100 for all the games 1xBet has to offer. Terms of getting the bonus are neatly explained.


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1xbet Jackpot


1xBet presents to its customers a jackpot prize every single day. The offer comes with rules that are explained in detail by the bookmaker. Mirror link to enter 1xBet: 

Bonuses are the way for 1xBet to make their customers happy by default. They really look after you like they are supposed to. You can spend plenty of time on the website and the bonus offers will ensure you are going to have fun and feel stimulated to play even more and more, to win more and more. Bonuses make the website addictive. The ultimate goal is to win a lot with 1xBet and make everyone else wonder at your fabulous luck.

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