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Do you know that the average American spends more spare time on gambling than on any other entertainment activity – including all movies, music, sports, and even gentlemen clubs? Why is that so? Because gambling is so much fun!

1xbet casino

Even the American President says that “Everything in life is luck!” Gambling is to some people more addictive than caffeine and bookmakers know this well.

1xBet gathers everybody - from the skilled professionals to the keen novices. We know of this betting company that it is one of the greatest sites for gambling in the virtual world and there are good reasons for this. Among these reasons is the attractive Live Casino section of the website.

We can claim that it is one of the best online casinos because the users get plenty of variants for betting and entertainment, as well as, accessible payment methods - it even works with cryptocurrencies.

In order to play or preview the Live Casino games – you need to be at least 18 years old and to register and log into your account. Casino games are as diverse as the people who play them, and that is part of the fun. You will find many wonderful opportunities for amusement – the beloved Roulette, BlackJack tables, Poker and Baccarat coming to you in beautiful options.

Those are catered to you by multiple leading software providers, such as Evolution Gaming, Playson, Microgaming, Endorphina, Play n Go, NextGen Gaming, Betsoft, ELK Studios and many more.


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Playing the Roulette is a grand way to spice up your life and have a break from a boring routine – it’s all about taking a risk and enjoying it. When you open one of the many roulette options the site has to offer -the beautiful, familiar, alluring wheel starts spinning. Add to that the pleasant sound the ball makes when it hits the wheel and you will feel like you are in a tangible Casino. The Roulette is a game for rich, affluent, noble, elegant people, people who love luxury. 1xBet has got enough Roulettes to seduce every player and please every taste.


A lot of people choose to face the risk and make a living by playing poker. We have to say that good players of poker have got the technique, skill, and knowledge, while mediocre players still have the chance because sometimes angels smile upon them.  Play poker online with 1xBet Casino and you will not need a “poker face.” The virtual reality hides your emotions. The anonymity of the Internet means you can play poker naked if that is your wish. People say that poker is actually a game of skills, which pretends to be a game of chance. It’s a cold war among players, and you don’t compete with the house but with your peers, so you really have a chance to win big. 


This game of chance and money challenges your mind, as well as your character. You can make a fortune if you are good with cards – there are people who have had the chance to pay their tuition in a law school by regularly playing Blackjack. 1xBet brings Blackjack home to you – on more than a dozen different tables. Loyal players flock in the bookmaker’s virtual Casino to delight in plenty of options.

They have live Blackjack games hosted in Russian and even Turkish. The croupiers are confident and fun, and they answer all kinds of questions – you may even flirt with the house! Online consultants are also very responsive and kind. Blackjack also offers the best chance of beating the house. For talented players, 1xBet Casino is the land of milk and honey. Their slogan urges their customers to hurry to increase their richness.


It’s the card game for the fashionable and refined – you can’t play it wearing an informal attire unless you bring all the excitement and adventure a live Casino has to offer into your home environment. 1xBet Casino does exactly this for you, and now you get to play among the royalties, movie stars, millionaires or even James Bond himself! What’s time more glamorously spent? Sometimes millions of dollars change hands every night at the high-stakes baccarat tables in the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. It's one of the best table games to play even in an online casino.

1xbet slots


The slot machine has evolved into one of the most diverse and high-tech games in a casino. For all the lovers of fairy-tale themes and beautiful illustrations – try your luck with 1xBet’s slots. 

They have really appealing characters – sirens and their pirates, moody birds, themes from the Greek Mythology, letters and runes, slots for the romantic hearts, Casanova, Venetian masks and all kinds of symbols to spin. In 1xBet Casino, you will surely find your favorite machine that you like to play. For those interested in astrology, you can even play with the twelve zodiac signs. You can immerse in your favorite slot game virtually from anywhere. You may not believe it but playing slots have got no strategy at all, and brains are entirely removed from the equation. However, playing slots is one of the favorite pastimes for regular gamblers.

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 Final Words

So once upon a time, people had to head overseas and go to Sin City and rub their shoulders with blue-collar gamblers – but nowadays you may only open 1xBet and still play in an atmosphere of elegance and lavish décor. They have engaged a lot of graceful professional dealers, who are kind to everyone and you will not even need to tip them. 

Drinking liquor when you play online is also optional, while in live casinos, it is encouraged. Looking snappy is also not a requirement – you can play on 1xBet in your lucky black T-Shirt and you will not be embarrassed, while in a luxurious real casino – the lucky T-Shirt is either going to be a deal-breaker, or you will feel inconvenient. So feel encouraged to take a chance on 1xBet Casino. May you win more the more you play!

Bonuses are the way for 1xBet to make their customers happy by default. They really look after you like they are supposed to. You can spend plenty of time on the website and the bonus offers will ensure you are going to have fun and feel stimulated to play even more and more, to win more and more. Bonuses make the website addictive. The ultimate goal is to win a lot with 1xBet and make everyone else wonder at your fabulous luck.

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