MELbet Casino

 Why Do You Have To Choose Casino Melbet?

About 50 million of ambitious and hopeful gamblers go into the USA casinos each year. Obviously, gambling is a pleasant thing, but gambling with MELbet can become the most breathtaking adventure. Playing online has got many advantages. All of us love coziness, especially when we are trying to get lucky. The bookmaker MELbet will provide for you all the opportunities of a regular casino in Las Vegas to your own safe haven.

Melbet Casino

You get to spin roulettes, press slot buttons, sit at tables of Baccarat, Poker, BlackJack – anything. Best beloved are the live games because they will really give you the atmosphere and pleasure of a physical casino.


 The Casino Section

MELbet online casino leaves nothing to chance. Each interface element – from the design of banners to the recruitment of attractive and well-behaved croupiers are carefully selected. Colors, sounds, and sights attack your senses with the sole purpose of making you happy even if you are about to lose.

 The Casino Games

Now that we are in MELbet online casino, let’s look around – swiftly. You will be overwhelmed in a pleasant way. Here is a world possible only in your fantasies, where everyone can be a winner and dreams can all come true. Keep in mind, that if you’d like to play the live games – you need to update your flash version. You also have to be of legal age, that is more than 18 years old.


Poker is the player’s favorite craze. It is conquering the gambling world, since it is a game of chance, giving players that are good the option to win consistently. If you have got the right skills and know this game well – you may be significantly better than other gamblers that are less-prepared. You have heard that a good poker player has got to have a “poker face.” But when you play with MELbet – there is a huge difference – it is not necessary for you to hide all emotions in order to win the game.


The Roulette’s spinning wheel is symbolic of the gambling world. It brings with it associations with nobility, tradition, elegance, and luxury. This game seduces with its appeal, it is entertaining and absolutely easy to play. MELbet’s platform caters to you Immersive, VIP, Auto, American and French – your monitor displays more than a dozen different kinds of spinning Roulette wheels for your pleasure.


Why, gamblers of all kinds love Blackjack, also familiar as 21. It has got its keen fans – because it is easy to understand, it is intriguing and there are great odds. The bookmaker’s casino offers a large number of Blackjack tables to its players.

 Casino Hold’em

The King of all table games is  Texas Hold’em. It is a game, especially for celebrities. But even if you aren’t after celebrity and fame, you are capable of still playing Texas Hold’em in the online casino of MELbet, and enjoy that a lot. You can become lucky as well. It is a game, which takes only a minute to be learned, and an entire lifetime to be mastered.

 The Caribbean

Players love Caribbean Stud Poker, because it is easy to play, combines elements of ordinary poker with a progressive jackpot. Whenever you play Carribean Stud poker – the main objective is to win over the dealer’s five cards with your five-card hand. There is a pleasant woman, who deals the cards and politely congratulates you every time you win.

 Wheel of Luck

The Wheel of Luck is operated by a neat-looking lady, who tries to entertain the players while she spins. She sometimes discloses personal details, she is self-confident and charming, she behaves properly with everyone, reacts to all comments, and for certain, the casino players prefer this game because of the lady’s professional attention.

 Top Card

This is a game one plays against the house – there is one card for the player, and one for the “home.” There is a neatly dressed young man, who leads the game for you, he is open for chatting and very savvy with the game. So he is capable of answering all kinds of questions while he’s dealing.


Baccarat is a game of cards for the refined and sophisticated – those people who prefer tuxedos to T-shirts. In case you have not tried it – it is not only for royalties, millionaires, movie stars or James Bond…you also deserve to delight in the glamorous game. MELbet casino allows you to play Baccarat without any formality.

 Slot Machines

There were times before even the Internet was born when slot machines were quite elementary devices. You place a coin inside and after the reel stops, you hear sounds of falling coins or terrible silence – so terrible that you can’t help but place in one more coin. These days, the slot machine is so sophisticated it has got computing power to fly a shuttle in space. MELbet caters to its customer fantastic slot games. Enter the zone of relaxation and pleasure, which makes gambling so exciting.

Melbet Slot Machines

 MELbet Platforms

Evolution Gaming is the leading platform which supports the live games in MELbet, it is also one of the biggest on the market. Over 3000 dealers, over 300 tables, over 35 games broadcasted live 24 hours a day. All of the gaming options are served also on Android/iOS platforms. Evolution Gaming provides its customers with HD video. They cater their services only to the most trustworthy bookmakers in the virtual world. With such partners and solutions, no wonder MELbet’s business is booming. 

 Casino With Real Dealers

Talkative and attractive croupiers lead the live games. In respectable casinos, the employees are pleasant, well-trained and professional people. They support customers and make them feel safe and secure. If addressed, they kindly reply. You may discuss with them the game rules and ask for advice. They bid you luck every time the wheel is spinning, and even when the casino loses money, they thank you kindly for playing with them. The opportunity to communicate with actual people, who are kind and well-mannered is what makes the game so much fun!

 Final Words

We live in a time when cyberspace and gambling look as if they are created for each other. Just like old fellows, the bookmakers such as MELbet can drop by any time. Without the necessity to reveal your identity and leaving your own virtual space – you may gamble and win good money. The pleasure of gambling is somehow hypnotic and the online experience provided by MELbet is absolutely as enchanting as the live adventure. 

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